Babylights - the hottest new hair hue

There's a new colour technique in town and we love it.

Babylights teamed with Balayage

There's no denying the fact there's been a shift with hair colouring lately. Bold contrasting shades that we have been seeing with the Ombre technique have made way for a more natural approach to colour and this new trend, cutely named 'babylights' fits in perfectly with this global shift.

As the name suggests, this colouring technique is the baby sister to the more traditional highlighting technique which uses larger sections of hair to lift the overall colour to a brand new shade.

The difference with this new technique lies with the section sizes. Colourists will pick up the smallest sections of hair for their foils meaning that the end result is a mass of super-fine lightened pieces that blend seamlessly into your base colour. The end result gives a very natural lightness that mimics the sunbleached locks that you see on a child. 

The beauty of this new trend is the low-maintenance factor - this technique doesn't change the base colour of your hair. Babylights are carefully placed around the hairline and the crown area working to add natural lightness to your existing colour. This technique is the perfect accompaniment to some hand-painted balayage lightening on the ends of your locks.

Teamed with a great cut, this new colour craze has the ability to shave years off your age and add a touch of playfulness without having to muck around with your natural colour too much.

The BeautyEQ team are sold!


Some beauties with their babylights

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