Hangover cures that work

Forget worrying what could have been, editor Trudi Brewer suggests you follow these simple steps to stop a hangover before it really takes hold.

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Too much wine often ends in an unbearable headache, not to mention blotchy skin and that queasy feeling. With this being the time of the year to party, experts say there’s something you can do to stave off that sluggish feeling before you indulge. According to Vinepair, there are three main culprits for post-wine headaches, tannins, sugar and histamines. Excess tannins in the bloodstream cause vasorelaxation, a decrease in vascular pressure. Dr Seymour Diamond, executive chairman of the National Headache Foundation, believes all it takes to avoid a headache is two cups of coffee before you start quaffing down the wine. Dr Diamond says that when you drink coffee, the caffeine constricts blood vessels and reduces vasorelaxation. He also suggests adding a little honey to your coffee, the fructose helps your body metabolise the alcohol faster. 
How to fix blotchy skin.
If you think that last cocktail was a bad idea, your skin will be feeling it too. If it's looking blotchy, oily and dull, try slathering on a yeast-based serum, it will help get your glow back. Yeast extract can reduce blotchiness, dark circles and calm any redness and inflammation. Try Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Smoothing and Firming Serum, $97.
How to ease an upset tummy. 
Contrary to popular opinion, noshing on that pie will not cure a hangover. Instead indulge in a breakfast of protein and fiber-rich foods the morning after a big night. This helps absorb the alcohol in your body, promotes detoxification and may even ease that feeling of queasiness. Protein helps regulate blood sugar (especially after lots of wine), a great combo is to add a large handful of mung beans, to your scrambled eggs, these contain a whopping 15 grammes of fibre per handful plus lots of B vitamins that are key for cell renewal and vitamin C that helps stimulate collagen production. 
How to hydrate your body fast.
Coconut water will boost the electrolytes and antioxidants in your body faster than water. Sadly coffee is not so good. To rehydrate take small sips of coconut water all day. And if you thought of pushing your way through a hangover with another glass of vino - it just delays the inevitable and will make your hangover worse the next day.

Our best hangover cures involve pampering, here's our tried and tested products.

Estèe Lauder Advanced Night Repair (ANR) Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask, $92. Just ten minutes relaxing with these eye pads on your peepers, and you will be ready to party again. Moisturised, smooth and back to looking their best, you can trust that this eye pick-me-up is healing thanks to the ANR heritage steeped in each clever little pad.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer, $50. A moisturiser and primer in one, we're sold. First off, it smells amazing, infused with coconut water, it hydrates and brightens skin in seconds. The formula is creamy, yet sheer on the skin leaving behind an utterly dewy finish. And best of all, it's silicone-free, so it won't clog pores.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Touché Eclat, $65. Hide the effects of dark circles and redness with this light-reflecting illuminator. The shimmery particles, and sheer coverage instantly brightens the under eye area - we can safely say - it has never let us down.

Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Bath Oil, $125. A bath seems to cure all those aches and pains, and once loaded with this heavenly citrus oil it reenergises and boosts your mood, not to mention how great skin feels after a long soak.