Accessorising with scarves

Scarves are a timeless accessory, but this summer they are also a sassy addition to your fashion look. Here's how to wear it in a modern way. 

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Top row: Small Flames scarf, $125, Karen Walker. Trunk it Square, $540, Louis Vuitton. Paisley print scarf, $49.90, Seed Heritage.
Second row: Verse 1.0 neck scarf, $45, Ruby. White Polo Silk Scarf, $48, Redcurrent. Rope scarf, $85, Karen Walker

In a braid or bun.
Draw a centre part to the nape of your neck and divide the hair in half.
Separate each section of hair into three pieces. Tie the scarf around one section and braid it together with the other two sections of hair and secure with an elastic band.
Repeat on the other side until you have pigtail braids. Pull the two braids to the top of your head and tie the ends of the scarf in a knot. 

Woven into a ponytail
Choose a long thin scarf and wrap it around your head like a headband, with the loose ends at the back of your head.
Twist and tie the scarf around the pony tail and secure it at the ends with a double knot.