Guess who won this luxurious winter sweater?

Winter has well and truly arrived. It’s freezing. Checkout what’s on offer from local New Zealand designers and find out how you can win this luxe-y, Sills saint v-neck sweater in washed denim worn by editor Trudi Brewer. See our winner below!

Some of our favourites

Sills Saint V Neck, $289. Helen Cherry Classic crewneck sweater, $339. Ruby Watermelon sweater, $189. Loobie’s Story Stargazer sweater, $299.

Madly Sweetly Wooly Wonka sweater, $249. Standard Issue Merino Tulle skivvy, $192. Liam Painters skivvy , $199. Storm Double texture sweater, $179.


Congratulations Helen from Velvet Burger you have won this gorgeous Sills Saint V Neck valued at $289.