Your summer beauty plan

We are hair removal aficionados. We have tired it all, and as far results go, you can’t beat IPL. Editor Trudi Brewer shares the best operators, and how long before you see results. Don't book a treatment without reading this.

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While it doesn't quite feel like spring yet (with our cold temps and constant rain), the countdown to summer is on. For us, this means shedding our winter coats - that would be hair removal. There is lots of confusion out there, and too-good-to-be-true offers that are tempting. But what you want are results, right? Before you commit to any kind of treatment, here’s a guide to getting the best service and lasting results at one of the top hair removal clinics in town - About Face.

Here are my thoughts on this necessary beauty duty.

What's involved?

After a consultation and freshly cleansed skin, a cooling jelly is applied. and the area that is being treated is then marked with a coloured highlighter. The hair is shaved (don’t be alarmed it won’t grow back stubbly) before the IPL tool touches the skin. This is done to ensure the light goes directly to the root of the hair and zaps it, rather than traveling along the shaft of a long hair. This is a speedy service, after 10 minutes with each section of skin zapped, the treatment is complete. A second treatment is scheduled a month later, and the results are seen within weeks. Your commitment for a beauty duty you may have worried about for years it takes only 15 minutes to sort.

Are IPL and laser treatments different?

Both these treatments use light to treat the skin, which is why it’s so confusing. An easy way to understand, IPL, is a pulsed light device that blasts the hair with a full spectrum of light, offering fast and efficient results. A laser is energy concentrated through just one wavelength, targeting one level at a time, which means the results are slow, and patchy, potentially missing hair growth at deeper levels in the skin. This is where skin experts with 15 years experience under their belts offering the best and safest technology will help you see great results.

Is it painful?

Everyone has a different pain threshold. The treatment is swift, so the discomfort doesn’t last long. It feels like a hot sting against the skin, and some areas hurt more than others, such as the top lip, and bikini line. The good news, after a few sessions (you know what you are in for) and the pain, is worth the results.

What can you do?

Be realistic when it comes to the results, first up, IPL works well on pale to medium skin tones with dark visible hair. Hair is dynamic, hormones affect its growth, as well as ageing. Being completely hair-free is impossible but reducing the growth is. The good news, you'll see results after your first appointment, but it'll take several attempts, ideally 8 to 10 regular treatments, every 4-6 weeks to keep on top of hair reduction.

How do you choose an expert?

There is always the lure of cheap and discounted procedures, but the best practitioners don't have to resort to discounts. Protect your skin, while getting the best results from a trusted, well-trained expert by booking a consultation and asking those burning beauty questions.

The results

We have weighed up the discomfort of waxing, that offers temporary results, the dreary job of shaving to only get that prickly regrowth days later, secret tweezing sessions that take hours, in favour of IPL, and the feeling of never having to worry about unwanted hair again.

What should you expect to pay?

Treat your bikini line, facial hair, underarms, and legs at About Face. Courses start at $1000 learn more here.