The hair trends for spring 2019

Spring echos change and when it comes to 2019 hair looks, stylists believe individualism booms and diversity rules. Here's what's on-trend for your locks this new season says editor Trudi Brewer.

Image BeautyEQ

Image BeautyEQ

The Cut

The classic blunt bob is going nowhere, and this spring it's versatile with lots of volume. Inspired by '70s fashion, the classic, blunt bob cut, can be worn short and sassy or with some length. Stylists agree less layering helps you achieve that blunt edge, and when it comes to the finish, this perennial style can be worn straight or wavy, just above the shoulder.

The classic blunt bob suits any face shape , be guided by the natural texture of your hair type, when it comes to styling.

The Texture

When it comes to relaxed movement, the fastest way to hair nirvana is to embrace your natural curl.
Don’t worry it you don't have it - it can be created with the latest clever hot tools. Curls, from ringlets or messy tousled movement, or holiday-inspired waves, movement in any style looks instantly youthful.

Clever new hair tools are game-changers when it comes to creating natural-looking movement.

The Colour

Spring colour is all about relaxing the rules and wearing a hair shade to highlight the texture of your hair. Visible light bands of colour that frame the face are this season's hot trend. Gone are the traditional spaced highlights with stylists opting to freehand paint fringes and curls, in shades of iridescent blonde, red and copper. This look helps to show off the hairs texture and adds instant definition.

Blondes will be spoilt for choice this season with a mix of warm (think strawberry blonde), and cool (think ice blonde) tones that in hairdressing speak are known as amber slate - a modern take on the classic honey blonde. If your hair is dark, go for a chili chocolate shade, a combination of chocolate brown with an auburn hue - it looks delicious.

Bold bands that frame the face, amber slate replaces honey blonde and chilli chocolate is the new brunette.

Mousse is back

That styling foam we all loved back in the '80s is back, hallelujah! But not as you know it. It supports almost every hairstyle, and it's the perfect base for blow-drying when creating movement. The new formulas help fight humidity, give hair shine, add definition - and some even provide heat and UV protection.

Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse, $53. Davines Curl Moisturising Mousse, $46. Goldwell Style Sign Ultra Volume Soft Volumizer, $30. Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumising Mousse, $53.

Leave in treatment

Multi-tasking and hair nourishing, leave- in-styling creams not only moisturise the hair, detangle it, protect it from heat and damage, but they also add shine. Also, when your hair is healthy, your hair will hold it's style.

Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Cream Oil, $15. Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, $63. Eleven Australia Frizz Control Shaping Cream, $36. Bumble and Bumble Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil, $52.

The Tools 

Dyson Airwrap Styler, $850. 

Answering the call of individualism, and diversity when it comes to hairstyling, this new high tech hair tool does it all. It can create curls, or beach-inspired waves, smooth hair and dry your locks, what's more, it does it in record time. But this does come with a hefty price tag? So why should you invest? For a quick science lesson, this tool is like no other. It attracts and attaches each section of hair using a force found in nature, and in air travel known as the 'Coanda effect'. This is when a moving stream of air stays in contact with a curved surface, rather than traveling in a straight line. And for time-saving tips: It's designed to be used on damp hair, no heat-resistant gloves required or fried locks posts styling, and all five attachments including barrels and brushes are secured by a magnetic clasp that attaches in seconds. Finally, this new wonder wand comes packed in a luxe-looking tan, travel-friendly case - we are sold.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $600.

The most common complaint of DIY blow-drying is how hard it is on the arms. If you haven't already, do feel how lightweight, and easy to handle the new Dyson Supersonic is. It was made for speed, that's fast-drying, with a direct amplified airflow of high-velocity air (that feels like a jet blast) buy without the noise. It’s compact and the clever intelligent heat control with three speeds includes a cold shot for setting your style, and built-in heat protection to boost shine. This not only protects the condition of the hair (only reaching 100 degrees), it helps cut down on that dreaded frizz post styling. It comes with four magnetic styling attachments, including a gentle hair attachment for sensitive scalps, hair smoothing nozzle for a natural-looking finish, a styling concentrator to dry small sections at a time, and finally a curl defining diffuser to create curl.