Spring summer colour report

New Zealand Fashion Week is kicking off next week, it’s the perfect platform for our local designers to show off their collections a season ahead. However to update your wardrobe now, here’s the spring/summer offering from those designers showing this year, and the inspiration behind the colour palettes in stores now. Style director Louise Hilsz shares the colours on trend and how they can be used in your home.

Kate Sylvester

This recent collection was inspired by a personal tapestry project of Sylvester’s. These textured hues were used in her tapestries, and referenced directly in the prints you see below. Shop Kate Sylvester here.

Resene Havoc paint, Resene Blue Moon paint, Resene Half Forest Green paint, Resene High Tea paint available from Resene ColorShops.

Jojo Ross

Picture a room with a trickling water feature, a modernist space, a gallery, that is sparsely furnished. If you peer outside of a small window you can see stars and planets drifting by as this room, like being inside a spacecraft; Discovery One, quietly floating through the universe - that sums up the inspiration of this collection from Ross. Shop Jojo Ross here.

Resene Spring fever paint, Resene Zen paint, Resene Bedrock paint and Resene Silver Aluminium paint from Resene ColorShops.

Maggie Marilyn

This fresh palette of shades was inspired by designer Maggie Hewitts mum’s garden. Growing up she was taught how to grow beautiful things without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides, which subconsciously lead to her current state as a sustainably-focused designer. Shop Maggie Marilyn here.

Resene Serenity paint, Resene Paris White, Resene Green Mist paint, Resene Mongoose paint,


Think sunsets in Hawaii, palm prints, mango ‘s and bananas’ sun-ripening in the canopy of trees and banana leaf and palm prints overhead. This collection screams of a tropical long, hot summer. Shop Hailwood here.

Resene Seagull paint, Resene Paper Doll paint, Resene True Blue paint, and Resene Flax paint

Juliette Hogan

Built around the constant offering of soft chalky beige, tonal tan, and rich black, this new collection is punctuated with bold cherry red and off-beat tobacco. These addition of these new colours adds freshness and to a chic, modern collection. Shope Juliette Hogan here.

Resene Big Bang, Resene Wafer paint Resene Smoke Tree paint, and Resene Sakura paint, from Resene ColorShops.

Miss Wilson by Kathryn Wilson

Think Hollywood, pool-side glamour with an 80’s spin. The colour palette includes acid yellow, meets bubblegum pink and cornflower blue. This collection leaves you dreaming of a cocktail beach party, but as the sun sets, the pops of metallic gold, glitter, and vintage tan will take you from that Ibiza beach club to a sophisticated, candlelit dinner for two. Shop Miss Wilson here.

Resene Ballerina paint, Resene Cupid paint, Resene Half Turbo paint and Resene Breeze paint from Resene ColorShops.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

The inspiration behind this collection came from the iconic 90’s film ’Natural Born Killers’. It's still one of the most controversial movies ever made - murder, mayhem, and desire - edge on your seat stuff everything you need to make a great movie, and standout fashion collection. Shop Stolen Girlfriends Club here.

Resene Cumin paint, Resene Twine paint, Resene Flashback paint, and Resene Sebedee paint from Resene ColorShops.