Winter is the time to deal to unwanted hair

We've all heard the catchcry summer bodies are created in winter, well nothing is more real than that when it comes to hair removal. Editor Trudi Brewer investigates one treatment that is effective and affordable.

Love the Freedom About Face

Winter is the perfect time to start your IPL Hair Reduction course, just in time to hit the beach with confidence. And when it comes to options, all we want is results. Plucking is not one of those; shaving is instant but the hair grows back with vengeance and when it does it feels more like a builder’s chin than a beach babes body. Waxing is effective but time-consuming and messy - enter IPL (Intense Pulse Light). Here’s the skinny on this light treatment, a good step toward being hair-free.


How your hair grows

IPL uses a full spectrum of light energy with different wavelengths to catch those pesky hairs while they are growing at differing depths and lengths. Compared to general laser treatments this offers one wavelength, missing hair growth at other levels. Just in case you don’t know how your hair grows, here’s a quick biology lesson: The growth cycle of a hair is complex. With three phases the first anagen: the active hair growth stage that lasts between two to six years. The second is catagen, known as the transitional hair growth stage that only lasts between two to three weeks, and the final phase, telogen. This is the resting phase of hair growth that lasts around two to three months, which is when you may need top-up treatments.


Here is what you can expect with IPL

The 70-degree heat energy from IPL laser is absorbed by the pigment of each hair which kills the strand and the follicle, which prevents it from growing back. My treatment was speedy and almost pain-free. First up, the skin is cleansed, and then a cooling jelly is applied. The area that needs treating (my upper lip and bikini line) is marked up with a coloured highlighter to guide the therapist on where to blast the light. Any hair is shaved before the IPL gun touches the skin. This is done to ensure the light goes directly to the root of the hair and zaps it, rather than travelling along the shaft of a long hair. After 10 minutes each section of skin is zapped and the service is complete. What I love most is the speed at which this service can be done (pop in at lunchtime) and the results are seen within weeks. Time wise, 15 minutes is all you will need to squeeze in a hair removal session, which for so many women can be life changing.


Go to a professional

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to this beauty duty. I have seen some shocking results. The temptation to be guided by great deals or cheap prices can be the difference between a good and bad result. We've said it before you commit start by asking lots of questions. Who performs the treatment? Are they expertly trained? And, what machines do you use? At About Face can treat hair all over the body from the face to the feet. With 15 years of using FDA approved machines, each senior skin experts knows how to remove unwanted hair, with precision.


How much does it cost?

This high tech treatment once you do the math can work out cheaper than your monthly waxing bill. Book here for a FREE consultation with one of our skin experts (usually $55). From $1,000 for a bikini and upper lip IPL course, and never have to worry about waxing or shaving again. Be quick this offer ends September 30.