How to create the ultimate bath

It’s the month to take time out and indulge in a hot bath - after all, it’s one the joys of winter. But as editor, Trudi Brewer discovers the art of bathing has slipped slowly from our to-do list in favour of a speedy shower. Here's how to set the scene and enjoy the art of bathing.

It's all in the prep work

A warm bath can detox the body, especially if you indulge in some dry body brushing before you sink into a tub of warm water. Just a quick buff across the hips, butt, and thighs, backs of arms and tummy will help to speed up the detoxification process while you soak. If you don’t have a body brush, you can use a loofah, dry towel or a gritty scrub then step into the bath and relax.

Bath accessories

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Get the water temperature right

The right water temperature is the difference between a hot sweat session and a heavenly soak. Dermatologists recommend a hot bath is not great for the skin, it’s drying, and will cause sensitivities, redness, and irritations. Instead, a warm bath is better for your circulation, and it's much more calming. The water should be close to our body temperature, which is around 37 degrees. To test the water dip your wrist rather than your fingers into the water, as your hands can tolerate much hotter temperatures than the rest of your body. Keep the bathroom door and windows shut while you soak, the steam helps with the detoxification process.

Make sure you add a scented bath soak?

Look for bath potions with potent aromatherapy benefits and made with rich, natural nut oils. Hydrating bath oils are the perfect remedy to hydrate dry skin - if you have sensitive skin, best you avoid cheap bubble baths, these are generally detergent-based lathers that will strip away natural oils and damage the skin barrier. One of our top picks is Pure Fiji Bath Soak (White Gingerlily is our favourite fragrance) made from a blend of coconut milk and exotic nut oils to use, pour about a 1/4 cup of the bath soak into hot running water, this ensures the formula melts to create a creamy, silky bath. While you soak, there is nothing better than switching off the lights and relaxing with only the flicker of candlelight.

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When to get out

When you step out of the bath make sure a fluffy towel is at arms reach, preferably 100 percent cotton, invest in a luxe-y bath mat, cozy robe and slippers to complete what should be a stress-relieving, relaxing experience that sets you up for a great night’s sleep.