7 signs you need a new skincare routine

If you’re someone who likes to set goals, have you considered doing that for your skin? Editor Trudi Brewer asks are you stuck in a skincare rut? Here are seven reasons to switch up your routine.

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A new year is a great time to set new goals; how about getting your skin to glow? These hacks will suit that girl-on-the-go and are guaranteed to give your appearance a speedy overhaul, along with the complexion you have always wanted.

Do you cleanse twice a day?

Top of the list for getting skin clarity is regular cleansing, that includes not going to bed wearing makeup, it can accelerate the ageing process. Massage a lotion, gel or cream over damp skin, and you’ll soon see dirt and make-up disappear, some cleansers contain exfoliating and brightening ingredients that buff off that layer of dead skin, which is another bonus. In short: Cleansing twice a day solves a lot of skin issues and won’t require more than five minutes of your time, twice a day. Now there’s no excuse for anyone to anyone skip washing their face before bed.

Going to bed wearing makeup, can accelerate the ageing process.
— Trudi Brewer.

Is your skincare fresh?

Beauty products do have use-by dates. And if you have noticed your skincare is not performing like it once did, check the back of the packaging, your products do lose effectiveness when they are past their best.

Does your makeup look patchy?

If your regular foundation is beginning to slide, or not cover your imperfections like it once did, it’s likely that your skin needs some TLC. From oil control to dehydration, your skin is dynamic and changes each decade. Try introducing a serum into your routine, and radiance boosting facials that naturally help the skin renew and repair helping makeup to look better once applied to the skin.

When did you last have a skin analysis from an expert?

Have you ever set a skin goal or had an expert take a look at your skin to see what it needs? Owner Marianna Glucina from About Face clinics has a skin mantra. “Aim for great looking skin for a lifetime without having to take those extreme measures. You can have healthy, great-looking skin at any age.” She believes each decade, brings change and often these are subtle differences you may not notice. "When that skincare you have used for decades isn’t enough to hydrate your skin, or you don't feel you look your best, maybe it's time to switch up that routine," says Glucina. With 30 years experience in the beauty business, her teams in the seven clinics across Auckland offer a toolbox of treatments and home skin care, which once set into a bespoke plan can change the look of your skin. Tailored to suit your lifestyle, age, and budget, there is a range of high tech treatments worth investigating. Book for a skin consultation, priced from $55 they are redeemable on product purchased on the day (or deposit paid on a course of treatments) and find out how Dermapen 4, Fraxel and IPL, Clear + Brilliant and Omnilux light therapy will shift brown spots, curb acne breakout and increase your collagen production naturally. There is also a range of hands-on treatments including facials, and skin peels to encourage skin clarity and radiance helping deliver that glow back to your skin regardless of your age.
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Aim for great looking skin for a lifetime without having to take those extreme measures.
— Marianna Glucina - About Face

Do you change your skincare to suit weather?

Just like your wardrobe, your skincare routine needs switching up to suit the season. Winter is all about hydration, summer is all about protection. An SPF has become the essential product in any woman's skincare arsenal, and here's why. Sunscreen is a barrier to what the environment throws at our skin each day. So, opt for an SPF50 in the height of summer, and adopt our layering technique. First make sure your skincare is rich in antioxidants, with vitamins such as C and E as a sunscreen back up to help ward off that free radical damage from UV exposure. Next layer an SFP laden foundation or BB cream over that sunscreen. This routine will be your skins savior, also those investment beauty treatments to get your complexion glowing will not be compromised.

Do you envy others?

There is no denying celebrities have flawless-looking skin, but you can too. Don't look at other women and find yourself thinking, “Why doesn't my skin look that good?" It can, and it will if you use the right products and adopt a good routine. Also consider committing to a course of high tech treatments designed to refresh your complexion - and always remember envy is the thief of joy.

Don’t look at other women and find yourself thinking, “Why doesn’t my skin look that good?” Remember envy is the thief of joy.
— Trudi Brewer

Don't be defined by your age?

Today women can look younger longer with the help of technology. It's true each birthday our skin gets a year older and with that comes change. However, if you haven’t started an anti-ageing routine yet, do it. Our harsh New Zealand sun means our skin is often ten years older than our age, with the help from a skin expert on what products and treatments you need you can delay the signs of ageing. Remember your skin is the best barometer to your health, the effort you put into a good daily skincare routine will be visible on your skin within a few weeks, helping you to age with coincidence.

Our harsh New Zealand sun means our skin is often ten years older than our age.
— Trudi Brewer