Win Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Find out how this famous skin concentrate slots into any skincare routine, from dry to breakout prone and dehydrated. Editor Trudi Brewer shares why she likes it and how you could win one of five bottles.

Image BeautyEQ

Image BeautyEQ

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is available in 30ml's, $129

How does it work?

A skin concentrate that you apply to freshly cleansed skin, before any other products. It’s a gel-like, liquid lotion that nurtures the regeneration of Langerhans cells that sit in the epidermis (upper layers of the skin). These cells help boost the skin's immune system, and once applied it leaves an invisible veil on the skin's surface, to protect, calm and hydrate your complexion. Shiseido Ultimune also works to boost the efficacy of all the other skincare you apply by creating the perfect environment for your skin to stay well hydrated, and calm.

What's in it?

First up, this is not a skin serum. It’s a new generation skin product known as a pre-serum concentrate. The purpose of Ultimune is to strengthen your skin, protect it from harsh climates and condition it from the inside out, which increases the performance of those vital Langerhans cells. The latest ingredients used in the updated Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate include botanicals such as gingko, perilla, and thyme, and a blend of Reishi mushroom and iris root extracts. This cocktail of ingredients maintains the health and wellbeing of your skin cells in any climate. Finally, the blend of hydrating ingredients including yeast extract (b-glucan) and rose water offer nutrient-rich moisture to quench dry skin instantly.

How I used it?

Ultimune is a skin conditioner that can be added to any skincare routine, (regardless if you use only Shiseido products). You only need two pumps applied to a cleansed face and neck before slathering on any other serums or moisturisers. Make sure you don’t waste the residue, apply it to the backs of your hands. The texture is ideal for refreshing your makeup at the end of the day. The bonus, it helps the foundation to glide onto the skin, giving it longevity to last for hours.  

Why our editor likes it?

Ultimune has featured in my skincare routine since it first launched back in 2014. It slots into any skincare regime and works well on any skin type. I am not surprised that it has picked up 116 prestigious beauty awards, I have never used anything that makes my skin feel so good, so fast. Day to day stress and our ever-changing climate, (including right now our extreme humidity) takes it’s toll on how my skin looks. While I crave a luminous complexion, realistically, want most is a healthy-looking glow to my skin. This concentrate smoothes the skin and calms it like nothing else, thanks to its unique texture. It's weightless, yet luxurious and absorbs in seconds. It's a game changer for creating a radiant complexion -  I guess that's why one bottle of this skin goodness is sold somewhere in the world every 15 seconds - here’s your chance to try it.

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