La Mer Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask

I love how a sheet mask delivers instant hydration to my dry, dull-looking skin with ease and speed. Here's what I think of the new luxe-y offering from La Mer.
By editor Trudi Brewer.

La Mer  Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask, $205 (for six masks).

La Mer Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask, $205 (for six masks).


Here's how it works

Images BeautyEQ

Images BeautyEQ

With skin hugging technology that delivers a concentrated infusion of healing hydration.
— According to La Mer.

What is it?
A micro-fibre sheet mask and hydrating lotion combination, that contains the famous La Mer 'miracle broth'. If you didn't know, that broth was the work of La Mer's founder acclaimed Nasa scientist Max Huber. He set out to make a balm from sea kelp to treat nasty chemical burns he received in an aviation accident and today the formula is the base to all the La Mer products. That very 'miracle broth' and other ingredients once steeped in a Japanese skin-hugging micro-fibre cloth makes for one luxurious sheet mask.
What's in it?
The 'miracle broth', blended with a cocktail of algae extracts including an ancient variety known as Scenedesmus. Softening, deconstructed water that is infused with an algae micro-gel and the powerhouse moisturiser hyaluronic acid. Once impregnated into Japanese jet-spun, micro-fibre cloth on the skin it feels like cashmere
How do I use it?
There are two steps to applying this sheet mask. Cleanse your skin, shake a few drops of Treatment Lotion onto your fingers (or a cotton pad) and then press it onto the skin. Known by the brand as 'bottled liquid energy' it gives the skin an instant hydrating boost. Next, gently layer the sheet mask over the top of the lotion. After eight minutes (I left mine on for 15 minutes) take off the mask, massage and press the excess liquid into the skin, leave it on overnight.
Why do I like it?
If you dream of lying around wrapped in a sheet mask, sipping a glass of rosè while scrolling your Instagram feed - do it. That was my me-time last Tuesday night. And boy does my skin feel better for it. Or if you're in a hurry and need a hydrating shot of skin-loving goodness but only have a few minutes to spare - here's the product for you. I have tried dozens of sheet masks, but the glow and smooth-to-the-touch feel this mask gives skin is best applied before a big night out, not an evening at home alone. However now I know what this hydrating boost can do for my tired looking face - it's coming with me wherever I go. 

La Mer Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask, $205 (for six masks)