Dr Barbara Strum Glow Drops

According to the creator Dr. Barbara Sturm her Glow Drops is the one product she is never without. A no-makeup fan, she never leaves the house without Glow Drops - and we have to agree. Here's how they work.

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Dr Barbara Strum is famous for getting the skin to glow. Specialising in endogenous blood therapy (known as the vampire treatment) and non-surgical facelifts using dermal fillers, she works from her practices in Düsseldorf, Munich, but jets between Los Angeles, New York, and London. Her fans a list of celebrity clients including Cher, Angela Bassett, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, all devotees of her treatments and her groundbreaking cell regenerative molecular skincare. It was after starting a career as an orthopaedic surgeon, pioneering a treatment for joint ageing, that her attention turned to anti-inflammatory science. That expertise and knowledge transitioned into Strum creating cutting-edge cosmetics that today have a cult following. Editor Trudi Brewer lifts the lid on her already famous Glow Drops.

Dr Barbra Strum Glow Drops, $231

What is it?
A versatile liquid glow-enhancing hydrating, that can be used after moisturiser, over makeup or mixed with your skincare or foundation to give your skin an instant glow.  
What's in it?
Plant extracts including polygonum bistorta root (snakewood extract) and wild rose that help to diminish the look of brown spots and an uneven texture. And a blend of Sturm’s signature ingredients purslane and hyaluronic acid boost hydration and help to give the skin an instant glow. Once blended with titanium dioxide, iron oxides and light reflecting mica pigments skin looks radiant - in seconds.
Who can use them?
Anyone who wants to get their skin to glow. These drops quickly penetrate to nourish skin, refine pores and plump up a dull, fragile-looking complexion. 
Why do I like it?
These nourishing, illuminating drops double as a serum and primer to instantly offer a firming glow on the skin. Unlike the very glam, Dr Strum I do wear makeup - quite a bit. However, I have been sporting a much lighter base, and my skin looks fantastic! Even if I may say so myself. These drops are pricey, but the firming glow I am sporting after a few weeks of using it daily -  I am Glow Drop obsessed. I will not be sharing this 30ml bottle with the team.