Eau Thermale Avène Cleanacne Micellar Water

We are firm fans of the swift cleansing power that micellar water offers. Editor Trudi Brewer reveals the latest soothing option from French brand Avene.

Eau therme avene cleance miceller water in blue bottle laid out on a blue background surrounded by white flowers 


What is it?
Taking off makeup can be an arduous task, which is where the magnetic power of this Avène micellar water comes into its own. For removing makeup, oil and daily grime, the mattifying monolaurin extract (found in coconut oil) helps to regulate the oil production in the skin, while the soothing and anti-irritating benefits of the Avène mineral-rich thermal water leave your complexion feeling clean and looking fresh.
How to use it?
As your daily cleanse, dampen a couple of cotton squares and hold them on your lids for a few seconds. This helps remove the heavy-duty mascara and eye makeup. And then, turn the pads over and sweep them gently across the skin to remove the rest of your makeup. Use morning and night.
What do we like about it?
Cleansing is best when its done twice daily, but I am the first to acknowledge when I am not wearing makeup, it's a beauty step I skip. If you're lazy (like me) and want a speedy solution that offers results, I have found it in this new cleansing water. Expect to see your skin hydrated, not to mention feeling squeaky clean, with zero risks of that tight dry feeling you often get post-cleanser. This is just another example of the simplicity and soothing, hydrating power that Avène skincare offers, which ticks all the boxes for a busy working woman like me.

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