Prada La Femme L'Eau

Crisp, green and sporting a fresh tropical twist, there's every reason to get the latest Prada fragrance on your wrist. Editor Trudi Brewer shares the most recent delicious, designer scent.

Prada perfume in pink bottle laid out on a geometrical background surrounded by white flowers

Italian luxury brand Prada is beyond gorgeous. From this season's Elektra handbag to the two-tone leather slingbacks, we're continually coveting this label. More recently our attention has been diverted to a scent. The latest, a new tropical floral, aptly named La Femme L'Eau. If the gleaming gold and peony pink leather bottle don't set your pulses racing, the effervescent spring-like ingredients will.
Here's what you can expect. 
What's in it?
One word sums up the ingredient line up - exceptional. Possibly the most sparkling of all the Prada scents we own, it's instant fizz is thanks to the juicy mandarin oil, and lush green notes you will only find on a tropical island. This concoction including frangipani and the very heady ylang-ylang sits perfectly on a bed of what makes this scent so feminine, tuberose and musky sandalwood. The perfumer Daniela Andrier who's impressive portfolio includes other luxe-y fashion brands such as Chanel, Bvlgari, Mui Mui and Tiffany, has just created her 50th fragrance under the watchful eye of custodian Miuccia Prada.
The inspiration: 'It's the combination of heat and refreshing coolness. Mist spraying over hot white sand. It's the first blast of cool air indoors on a too-hot day or the unexpected temperature shift under a lush shade tree.' Our first impression: It's glamorous, uber-fresh, and instantly chic. It nails what a holiday-inspired scent should do  - make your smell gorgeous. 
Why do we like it?
It's Prada darling. Not only is it steeped in Italian luxury, it instantly makes me feel pretty the moment I spray it on. It's the perfect fragrance to team with a crisp, white shirt and jeans for day or with silk, satin slip for after five. Rounded off nicely by that calf-skin leather Elektra handbag, it completes my accessory obsession this season.

Prada La Feme L'Eau is available in 35ml (limited edition), 50ml and 100ml's and is priced from $125.

Image by BeautyEQ wallpaper by Resene ColorShop.