Learn the best concealer hacks to cover any imperfections

Concealer saves the day for a number of reasons says editor Trudi Brewer. She shares the best concealer hacks and her favourite beauty buys. 

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer 24 Hour Wear

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer 24 Hour Wear

We all come with baggage, but the last place you want is to see it under your eyes. Editor Trudi Brewer shares her 101 conceal tips for covering everything from blemishes to brown spots and the look of exhaustion under the eyes. Along with some new products and some of her all time favourites.

Clinique  Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer 24 Hour Wear in beige and silver bottle

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer 24 Hour Wear, $42.

Just launched, I love the creamy finish of this new Clinique concealer. The brand says it offers 24-hour cover, I have not had to test that yet, but did get a full eight hours cover on a busy day where I was in back to back meetings - so that 's a win. It's hydrating, it covers any imperfection fast and there are18 shades including a must-have apricot-tinted option for concealing tired-looking eyes - we're impressed.   

BAREMINERALS  BAREPRO 16-Hr Full Coverage Concealer in black packaging without lid

BAREMINERALS BAREPRO 16-Hr Full Coverage Concealer, $38. 

This natural brand has been helping me create flawless-looking skin for decades. Mineral-based the latest full coverage concealer is brilliant. It's water and sweat proof and has a clever mineral lock long-wear technology that stops it slipping from your face. This hardworking formula erases dark circles, blemishes and brown spots. There are 10 shades.

URBAN DECAY  Naked Skin One & Done Blur On The Run Touch-Up & Finishing Balm. Half opened in beige blurry packaging


URBAN DECAY Naked Skin One & Done Blur On The Run Touch-Up & Finishing Balm, $61. 

While technically this is not a concealer it does erase imperfections, wipe out shine and boosts skin radiance. A new product category and one every woman needs to know about, this is a blur balm, designed to keep in your handbag for touch-ups during the day. Essentially it blurs imperfections, absorbs shine and covers anything you want to hide. All the virtues you expect from a hard-working concealer.

MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette, in Medium with six different tones in black packaging

 MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette, in Medium, $80.

Channel the inner makeup artist in you with this palette. There are four concealers and two correctors, so if you're stuck for that perfect colour, you can blend your own shade. It will cover dark circles, blemishes, moles, birthmarks, and even tattoos. This palette comes in Light and Medium.

Revlon  Youth FX Fill And Blur Concealer in silver and black bottle without lid

Revlon Youth FX Fill And Blur Concealer, $35. 

I can't rave about this concealer enough. It was created to blur the look of lines and wrinkles but it offers so much more. A sheer coverage, I have been known to apply this as my foundation and concealer and the finish is flawless. It's illuminating and hydrating - every girl needs this. This click and glow style pen concealer comes in three shades. 

L'Orèal Paris  Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette in black packaging with colourful patterns on it

L'Orèal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette, $30.

For anyone that needs serious concealing this kit is very handy. 
Blend the perfect shade to match your skin tone, and then add a hint of green to conceal redness or lilac to hide that purple-tinge under the eyes when you're feeling exhausted. It's the ideal palette for anyone who has to travel for work.

My all time best concealer tips

Blend concealer with eye cream.
It's a Bobbi Brown tip to first prep the eye area with an eye cream before piling on a colour corrector or concealer. That way the makeup won't sit in the fine lines. Always use your ring finger when applying concealer under the eye, it has the most gentle touch. 

Careful on the colour match.
If you're covering dark circles, match the colour of your skin to hide under eye darkness, however, if you're trying to hide a blemish and it's red, go one shade lighter. If you want to mask exhaustion and the under eye area has a purple tinge use a peach tinted concealer (this is where a palette of shades comes in handy). For any other blemish think of the shade selection in painting terms. Light colours bring the eye forward, while dark colours help to recede. 

Always apply concealer first.
While there are no hard and fast rules on application, I prefer concealer first, and then a sheer layer of foundation or tinted moisturiser over top. This technique stops you packing on to much makeup. For spot concealing, use a tiny pointed brush, (a lip brush works well) tap on the concealer, and press with your finger or a sponge to blend.