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Post-summer, if your complexion is looking dull and lack-lustre, check out the latest tropical-infused, exfoliating skincare editor Trudi Brewer rates here.  

A range of seven different skin treatment products lined up next to each other 

The blend of natural fruit enzymes is the secret to a good skin exfoliation without harsh scrubbing. From pineapple to papaya and coffee these tropical skin treats are hard working and nourishing, and the best news, they get your skin glowing within days. 

The best in tropical fruit-infused skincare is here.

Pure Fiji purifying cleanser. A white bottle with gold writing 

Pure Fiji Purifying Cleanser, $45.

A gentle, exfoliating cleanser that buffs skin clean with active natural sugar cane extracts, boosted by papaya enzymes. It's both brightening and nourishing, thanks to the blend of passionflower and tropical nut oils.


Pure Fiji coconut lime blossom shower gel. A white bottle with some gold, red and green writing

Pure Fiji Coconut Lime Blossom Shower Gel, $31.

First, the scent of this tropical body cleanser is divine. Second, the blend of active sugar cane, coconut milk and pineapple enzymes is what transforms dull, congested skin to feeling rejuvenated and ultra smooth - it's should be a shower essential for anyone that wants smooth skin.

REN Glycol lactic radiance renewal mask. A white and orange bottle 

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, $74.

The blend of papaya enzymes and fruit acids namely lactic, tartaric, and citric give skin a gentle, yet potent exfoliation. Congestion and dullness have no chance when you use this peel; it will reduce the look of an uneven skin surface, and look of fine lines - expect your skin take on a glow within days

Clinique cleanser pink bottle standing on white lid 

Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, $38.

While your skin will get a decent exfoliation using this cleanser, it's also gentle enough to use every day thanks to the silica, bamboo beads and papaya fruit extracts. No harsh scrubbing is required when using this cleanser; its the daily use that gets your skin to glow.

Grounded Mango and Papaya coffee body scrub. A brown paper bag with a white leafy image on it

Grounded Mango & Papaya Coffee Body Scrub, $25.

The blend of coffee, mango and papaya in this 100 percent natural scrub will get the dullest of complexions glowing. Enriched with, extra virgin coconut and sweet almond oils, it's gentle enough to use on all skins including dry or sensitive skin.

Kocostar pineapple slice mask packaging with pineapple slices arranged around it 

Kocostar Pineapple Slice Mask  (12), $3.

There has been an explosion of easy-to-use sheet masks on beauty counters, and we love them for their convenience and results. Born from the beauty capital of the world, Korea,  Kocostar slice masks use the best ingredients from fruits and vegetables (in this case the pineapple enzymes) to create clever moisturising and soothing slices you can place anywhere your skin needs brightening - genius.

Radical express delivery enzyme peel. Grey and red writing across the hot pink bottle  

Radical Express Delivery Enzyme Peel, $71.

Packed with enzymes from lemon, grapefruit, papaya and pineapple these gently buff the skin's surface while the cucumber, aloe vera and a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid, give your skin a fresh, hydrated appeal. Use this peel twice a week.