Vitamin charged skincare anyone?

Supercharge your skin with a vitamin-rich routine and your skin will soon start to glow. Editor Trudi Brewer investigates a natural option that comes at an affordable price.




Vitamins A, B, and C are the most beneficial to the skin, they will help brighten, tighten, and give an overall healthy-looking glow to your complexion within weeks. Potent antioxidants, vitamins also help reduce skin inflammation, calm sensitivities, correct pigmentation, and promote healthy collagen production. Here are six reasons to switch up your routine with a vitamin-charged skin product.

Swisse Natural Defence SPF30, $30.

A lightweight cream with the benefit of a sheer beige tint. An antioxidant, botanical blend with zinc oxide protects the skin from infra-red, UVA and UVB rays. The non-greasy texture absorbs quickly, and that beige tint I mentioned doubles as a sheer foundation - it’s a summer essential.

Swisse Natural Defence BB Cream SPF30

Swisse Argan Oil Body Cream

Swisse Argan Oil Body Cream, $21.

An oil famous for nourishing your locks, did you know argan oil is also an antioxidant powerhouse for the skin as well? This lightweight, organic blend of argan oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter, is the ideal daily dose of moisture your skin needs to prep for the drying effects that summer has on the skin. This is my fave from the range.

Swisse Rose Hip Oil, $35.

We consider this oil serum the jewel in the Swisse crown. 100 percent naturally sourced ingredients, it contains a combination of vitamin A and C that help to correct sun damage, while omega 3, 6 and 9, and lycopene, improve the skin's barrier locking in moisture and helping to reduce the any inflammation or breakout.

Swisse Rose Hip Oil

Swisse Hyaluronic Acid Eye Serum Pump

Swisse Hyaluronic Acid Eye Serum, $27.

A daily dose of eye cream is essential for anyone over the age of 25. Or if you are concerned with fine lines around the eyes. Moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, peptides and red algae wipe out the look of dark circles, while refreshing the tired-looking skin under and around the eye area. Only use a tiny amount and press it onto the skin with your ring finger.

Swisse Deep Sea Mist Toner, $12.

Chilled in the fridge this refreshing skin mist instantly tones and rehydrates the skin. It contains deep sea minerals, sourced from Australia's Murray-Darling Basin, aloe vera and vitamin B3. Combined, it’s a portable vitamin shot for dehydrated skin. If you work in an airconditioned office, this is the perfect mist to keep on your desk.

Swisse Deep Sea Hydrating Mist Toner

Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Face Mask

Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Face Mask , $20.

There is nothing better than treating dry, tired skin to a face mask at the end of a busy day. Packed with Senna plant extract, a natural botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, blackcurrant seed, sunflower, and avocado oils, and balloon vine extract boost moisture levels in the skin. While the red algae extract and vitamin E soothe redness and irritation.