Michael Kors Sexy Ruby

Would a new fruity scent for those humid summer night's could be on your wish list for Valentines Day? Editor Trudi Brewer reviews the latest.

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Image BeautyEQ

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum Spray, 100ml, $175.


Here's what the brand says about Sexy Ruby.
"As brilliant as the jewel that inspired it. Sexy Ruby is a modern chypre that sparkles with fiery sensuality. Juicy raspberry and apricot combine with fresh notes of rose petal and Indian jasmine Sambac for exotically feminine allure, while cashmere woods delivers a luxuriously warm finish."
Here's what editor Trudi Brewer thinks.

Most fragrances are part of a scent family. The most common are green, woody, floral, fruity, chypre and spicy Oriental but the latest from Michael Kors, Sexy Ruby sits within two. It's floral but not too girly, it's fruity but not too sweet and thanks to the woody notes and vanilla I think it will appeal to any woman of any age. Known as a modern chypre, (a combination of moss and woods with citrus) I am not often drawn to these. Personally, I am a green fragrance fan; I like a zesty scent that smells fresh rather than sweet. But on these steamy summer nights, I was tempted to wear it, and anything laced with Jasmine gets my attention.
What's in it?
Like I said it's fruity courtesy of the raspberry, apricot and pepper. Fresh and zesty thanks to the orange blossom, Jasmine and rose and the notes that make it last for hours are woody think moss, Cashmere woods and vanilla.
What we like about it?
The combination of ingredients makes this scent striking and very feminine. And I'm always a sucker for a good-looking, weighty bottle and this has a genuinely luxe-y feel about it, which also makes it a great gift for Valentines Day - hint, hint.
Our rating?

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum Spray, 100ml, $175 available from February 1st at Life Pharmacy