Skin Physics Dragon's Blood

We dissect the range and find out what's in this potent anti-ageing skincare range.

It sounds very 'Game of Thrones' to have a range of skincare containing dragon's blood, but diehard fans will be pleased to know, no dragon has been harmed in making of these skincare goodies. This range gets its name from the hero ingredient, which is the antioxidant-rich red sap from the Croton lechleri tree. Known by the locals as the dragon’s blood tree, when the bark of this tree is cut a thick red sap oozes from the tree. This red sap has incredible medicinal benefits and also, as seen here, skincare benefits. We see it sporting a huge following in the beauty world (check out our beauty panel for our other expert comments). Read on as we break down the range:

Gentle 3 in 1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser, $30.
This cleanser starts off as an exfoliating serum which then transforms into a beautifully-light, silky foam once blended with water. It's bursting with seven natural fruit AHAs including bilberry and sugar cane, not to mention its hero ingredient Dragon's Blood. 

Deep Wrinkle Filler, $70.
Used as a targeted treatment, this filler is designed to create a cushion-like effect on wrinkles. It works to disperse into heavier lines, and then seal at the surface of your skin allowing a smoother complexion. The line up of ingredients also work to blur out finer lines giving an overall smoother, more youthful appearance. 

Facial Sculpting Gel, $80.
Created to look like a second skin, this gel works to provide a barrier of protection. It helps regenerate and repair while improving the overall texture and firmness. Expect your skin to appear smoother, firmer and more defined.

Ultra Plumping Night Cream, $80.
Giving your skin a huge burst of hydration, this night cream works wonders while you sleep. Containing the namesake Dragon's Blood to replenish tired skin as well as pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate and polish the skin. This rich cream is a fast-absorbing, hard-working addition to any evening beauty regime.

SPF15 Daily Moisturiser, $50.
This lightweight lotion is a quick and easy step for daily use. With both UVA and UVB protection, it's ideal as for daily protect from the environment, while helping to freshen the look of tired, stressed skin thanks to the hero ingredient, Dragon's Blood.