Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipstick

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Max Factor Velvet Matte Lip collection

Max Factor Velvet Matte Lip collection

Ever since matte lipsticks came on the scene, we have been addicted. For years we have been cream and satin lip colour fans, however we have found ourselves cheating on our old favourites and we have to say, our heart now belongs to matte. But, and there is a but, we are the first to admit not all matte lipstick is created equal. While they look amazing for the first 15 minutes, many start to crack and dry out on lips and start to look a little worse for wear.
First world problem we know, but one that is an annoying issue for the lipstick junkies on our team. It seemed like an impossible task to find a lip colour that had a good colour pay-off, a matte finish and didn't leave our lips aching for some balm. Until we met this next generation matte from Max Factor.

Here's how it works

What is it?
Max Factor Velvet Matte lipstick, $28 - available exclusively at Farmers.

Why do we like it?
What stood out the most was the formula. It is by far one of the most moisturising matte lipsticks we have used. It also doesn't need any prep, (thanks to the oils and butter contained in the formulation), which as we all know with matte lipstick this is often not the case. There is no need for lip scrubs or buffing before application, you simply apply from the bullet and you get brilliant, rich coverage in one coat.

How did we use it?
We team this matte lipstick with an invisible lip liner (clear in colour but great for preventing lipstick from bleeding in fine lines) this liner helps perfect the shape, and helps the colour stay put. 

There are seven Max Factor Velvet Matte Lip Colour Lipsticks. Our favourite shades include Nude, Rose, Sunkiss and Love, $28.