Mascara's the BeautyEQ team swear by

Mascara is the desert island product for most of us here at BeautyEQ. We share our favourites to finish any makeup look for day or night.

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Dior Show Mascara, $64.
I am a lash extension survivor. After two years of extensions, I am now going it alone and mascara that lifts, separates, hydrates and thickens is essential. However, all that and more can be found in Dior Show. One coat is all I need for the day - I make sure I really wiggle the brush in at the roots of my lashes to get that extra lift.

TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara, $35.
Of course, the name peaked my interest. But when shopping in Waikiki, Sephora I discovered how amazing this brand really is. My fourth purchase was this mascara and hand on heart, it has made my insignificant, sparse lashes luscious-looking with one coat. I like to use this at night because it truly gives a false lash effect.



L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara, $33.
This is my go-to mascara and it never lets me down. The shape of this brush allows me to apply it quickly as I am always on the run. It works to separate my lashes, give length and volume it's ideal for every day.

Max Factor Glamour Extensions Mascara, $34.
I am all about extra long lashes day or night, but for an evening out I really like to amp it up. This mascara from Max Factor offers a very dramatic finish thanks to the volume and length boosting fibres in the formulation, it completes my smokey eye look perfectly.



Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Very Black, $17.
While this is an iconic mascara, I actually only discovered it two years ago but it has been a favourite ever since. What I love most about it is how accessible this product is. If I leave my makeup bag at home, I know it's a product I can easily access from a nearby supermarket or department store. It does a great job and consistently keeps my lashes looking well groomed during the day.

MAC Zoom Lash, $38.
For an evening look, I always reach for this mascara because of its fluid formula. It helps create a false lash effect quickly and easily. It also gives great length and volume, I apply two coats for some lash va-va-voom.




Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara, $31.
What I love about this mascara is that it gives a very natural-looking finish. I opt for getting my lashes tinted so like to wear a simple slick of mascara that doesn't smudge under my eyes. It needs to be fuss-free for me and this all-in-one formula makes it a breeze.

Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara, $60 (on sale April 14th).
While I go for a more natural look during the day, I really like to go all out for the evening. This new mascara from Elizabeth Arden is perfect for giving me a fuller, thicker-looking lash which stays put for the whole night. 


Avoid pumping the wand of your mascara - all this does is pump air into your tube making it dry out faster.

Bend the wand of your mascara at the base of the brush - this allows you to get closer to your lashes and gives more manoeuvrability to coat those tiny lashes in the corner of the eye.

Look down when applying mascara to top lashes, wiggle your brush at the base of your lashes to work it in close to the lash line. The difference is quite remarkable.

If you wear glasses, curl your lashes before you apply mascara. Lilt your head back, hold a lash curler, so it's sitting against your cheek, and then give the roots of the lashes two pulses at the very base, this gives a mini lash lift.

If you have blobs of mascara under your eyes, you are applying too much to the ends and not enough to the roots. Too much product weighs lashes down and causes smudging. Apply one coat of mascara from root to tip as you normally would, but with the second coat focus on the roots only. 

Apply a very light dusting of translucent mineral powder between coats of mascara. This stops drop down, and also helps to amp up volume and thicken the formulation, helping it to stick to your lashes.

Lashes that are suffering the effects of having had extensions will benefit from using a lash serum such as Revitaliash which applied once a day,only along the top lash line as close to the hair as possible will give you results in as little as four weeks.

Tell us your favourite mascara?