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We always welcome the change of season with a fragrance update. What might be light, fresh and perfect for summer may not feel quite right as the temperatures plumits. Sarah Simpson edits the best.

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From fruity and feminine or downright sexy, the latest line-up will have you spoilt for choice.

Fruity florals

These scents combine two of the most popular combinations, fruits and flowers. They are sweet and romantic thanks to the inclusion of red berries, citrus fruits as well as floral notes that often include the likes of iris' and peony. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, 100ml EDT, $193
This new addition to the Daisy family contains a mix of grapefruit, raspberry, violet and rose with base notes of plum and cedar.

MAC Shadescents in Candy Yum Yum, $75
This fresh and fruity scent has been created to complement the iconic lipstick shade. With notes of guava, cherry blossom and cotton candy, this scent is sweet and playful.

Hugo Boss Boss The Scent For Her, 100ml EDP, $184
This floral fruity gourmand is sweet thanks to notes of peach, cocao and freesia just to name a few. This perfume is perfect for those who love a feminine scent.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge, 100ml EDP, $215
This beautiful scent combines redcurrant, raspberry, jasmine and vetiver making it a beautiful floral with hints of fruit and musk.

Woody orientals

These spicy scents are great for those who want something that isn't too sweet. You will often find jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood playing centre stage, along with amber, musk and tea playing a part in the final aroma.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain, 100ml EDP, $275
An oriental woody scent which is fresh, aromatic and spicy all at once. Lavender and bergamot are the main players in the top notes while the middle is reserved for jasmine and iris. Sandalwood and vanilla are the base notes which help to give this scent a powdery finish.

Runaway by Karen Walker, 100ml EDP, $195
This scent makes no apologies for how potent it is. Bursting with notes of cinnamon, pepper and lemon before working its way down to middle and base notes of rose and vetiver, this scent is sexy, sultry and addictive.

Elizabeth Arden White Tea, 100ml EDT, $101
Arden welcomes a new addition to their already successful fragrance stable. A woody, musky floral, which contains top notes of orange, fern and sage before drying down to release middle notes of it's namesake, white tea and white iris. Amber and exotic woods also come in on the base notes.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum, 75ml, $177
The third addition to the Dahlia Divin collection is a oriental floral. With a single top note of mimosa, before settling into its middle, with notes of jasmine and rose. Finally, you are greeted with a dry down of vanilla, sandalwood and musk.


Marc Jacobs One Eight K Limited Edition Decandence, 100ml EDP, $195
The original emerald green purse-shaped fragrance stole our heart now this new addition takes it's place. This limited edition oriental floral, features notes of Italian plum, iris and golden saffron this scent is a show-stopper.

YSL Black Opium Floral Shock, 90ml EDP, $244
Expect to smell pear, freesia and orange blossom in this beautiful new addition to the Black Opium family. The fragrance dries down to reveal coffee and amberwood.

Shiseido Everbloom Extrait Absolu, 20ml EDP, $399
This beautiful scent explodes into a bouquet of notes which include cyclamen, violet and lotus before settling into notes of gardenia and musk.

Jo Malone Bloomsbury Set, Blue Hyacinth, $114
The newest collection from Jo Malone features four new scents with this being one of them. Bursting with its namesake, blue hyacinth, geranium and vetiver. It's classic and feminine.