Avène Micellar Lotion

We've been hooked on this since its launch - Sarah Simpson explores why this is the cream of the crop in its category.

What is it?
Avène Micellar Lotion, $45
Why we like it?
Micellar waters came into the beauty world with a hiss and a roar. Their ability to cleanse, tone and soften skin while removing every trace of makeup made them an essential almost instantly. While this brand is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, it actually amazing for any skin type. And example of this is the micellar lotion which rivals many others in its category. Gentle, effective and removing all makeup quickly and your skin will love you for it. 
How did we use it?
We like to apply ours using organic cotton pads and gently sweeping them outward and upward to avoid dragging on the skin. This nourishing formula allows you to remove even the most stubborn eye makeup without any stinging or dryness.