Pure Fiji Christmas Bliss facial and body treatment

Like the idea of kicking back and enjoying a tropical-inspired face and body skin treatment to elevate stress? Editor Trudi Brewer trials one of the best.

A coconut cracked open with a slim clear beauty product inside surrounded by flowers and slices of lime  

What is it?
Pure Fiji Christmas Bliss Facial and Body Treatment - using the new divine collection from Pure Fiji, Coconut and Lime Blossom.
What you can expect?
I would challenge any woman not feel instantly relaxed after sinking her feet into a bowl of warm water infused with Pure Fiji Coconut Lime Blossom Milk bath after a busy day. This is precisely how the heavenly Christmas Bliss face and body skin treatment begins at About Face in Ponsonby, Auckland. Masters at stress-relieving Lomi Lomi massage and seriously good facials, the Christmas Bliss treatment starts with a foot soak, followed by the Coconut Lime Blossom Sugar Rub to rid my heels and legs of dry, flaky skin. Then it's under the duvet, to have your shoulders and lower back sorted, by a pair of firm hands. It's always these areas that benefit most from this island-inspired massage technique, and one that this spa excels at.
It's the long, firm strokes using the heel of the hand, and the forearms, while the thumbs knead away the stress I am feeling due to the anxiety of pre-Christmas planning. This part of the service leaves me feeling what this treatment is designed to do - offer sheer blissful relaxation. Next, comes the Pure Fiji facial, and what's known as the business end of this skin service. After emerging from a sleepy haze, the double cleanse and exfoliation preps skin for an oil infused face and neck massage, and sixty minutes in the last step is a rich hydrating skin mask, something my dehydrated complexion drank up in seconds. Then like all good things it must come to an end, and I emerge feeling nourished from the inside, out. 
Why do we like it?
I am unashamedly a Pure Fiji fan. And the latest fragrance Coconut Lime Blossom is ridiculously delicious, it's up there as one of my favourites in the range. The scent (more like a tropical-inspired cocktail, than a skin product), is tangy and fresh, and the feel of the milky, coconut oil on my dry skin is so nourishing. There is no doubt this combination of treatment and product choice, is a game changer for anyone feeling exhausted, and in need of some serious skin hydration. It's just the indulgence I needed with the stressful build up of Christmas deadlines looming. If you're stumped for gift ideas, or want to treat someone you love, this is a gift that without having to leave the city will guarantee the feeling that you have just taken a well-deserved tropical island escape.

Allow 90 minutes, for the Christmas Bliss Gift Voucher available until Christmas eve, for just $139, save $91. Purchase online here