Hollister's new fragrance California Wave 2 for Her

There are a bounty of fresh scents on counter this month and the latest Californian-inspired, tropical scent was born from American fashion house Hollister (the teenage sister of mother brand Abercrombie & Fitch Co). Editor Trudi Brewer talks with the nose behind this sweet, new scent that is ripe for summer.

Hollister California Wave 2 for Her and the original Hollister California Wave for Her.

Hollister California Wave 2 for Her and the original Hollister California Wave for Her.

Wholesome, beachy and inspired by Californian style, Hollister's latest fragrance California Wave 2 for her (orange bottle) is the work of French perfumer Jean-Claude Delville. Studying perfumery from the tender age of 17, he has an impressive CV creating fragrances for some of the most well known American brands such as Clinique's Happy, Aramis, Always and Marc Jacobs gorgeous Gardenia Splash. His latest, for fashion brand Hollister was inspired by the sunshine on the Californian coast. It's a fruity floral with a daring tropical ingredient lineup. It contains notes of mandarin, coconut nectar and peach with delicate water lily, pink Freesia and the heady white tropical bloom that smells much like a garden, Tiare flower. And while this is a sweet scent, after a few hours the base notes which are also beach-inspired and include drift wood, sand (a new one for me) and orchid, hours later this preppy scent settles to become warm and seductive. Here's how the new scent was created.

How would you define Hollister WAVE 2 for Her in a few words?
It's playful, fun, modern and feminine. The fragrance captures Cali’s free-spirited way of life and solar energy at the peak of summer.

Who is the Hollister Girl?
The Hollister girl is young, optimistic and effortlessly cool. A natural beauty, she loves hanging out with her best friends under the hot California sun. She is simply radiant!

How did you begin imagining the new WAVE for Her fragrance? 
After a trip to Carmel on the California coast, I was meditating on the beach and dreaming of a way to capture and translate that memory into a scent. I let the sunshine in, I felt its sparkle and started to create.

How much freedom do you tend to have when creating a perfume from a brief?  
I feel free to explore, and the sky is the limit, but always keeping the spirit and attitude of the brand top of mind.

Did the Hollister brand name immediately suggest particular notes?
Yes. The brand inspires me to use notes to evoke easy and fun elegance, open and sunny warmth.

What makes the new fragrance a recognisable Hollister scent and different from the existing perfumes in the portfolio?
The new scent has a unique vibe, a recognizable effervescent floral signature made of fresh, salty and solar elements, and is very sensuous.

What makes an outstanding women’s fragrance?
A potion that brings pleasure, elegance, self-confidence and joy, the perfect fragrance can capture the essence of the person wearing it.

What is the best way to apply a fragrance? 
Before you put your clothes on, hold the fragrance away from the body and spray onto your pulse points. Always let the scent dry without rubbing it in and try not to overdo it. Dab a touch behind your ears, your collarbone and behind your knees are just some ideas but feel free to experiment and find your favourite spot.

What recommendations or tips do you have for women looking for a signature scent?
Fragrance is very personal and aspirational. Be open to experimenting with different scent families and notes to see what you like and be sure to try it on the skin. Some scents react not only with your body chemistry but may smell better at certain times of the day or the year. This is why many women prefer to have a fragrance wardrobe rather than a single signature scent. 

Shop the new Hollister Wave 2 For Her EDP, $66. And the original Hollister Wave for Her EDP, $66.