The beauty gadget edit

We're all about a decent beauty gadget here at BEQ, but they have to deliver on their promises. Beauty director Sarah Simpson shares some of the top tools for your face, hair and body.

A silver  Body Benefits  Elegance Touch Control Illuminated Mirror

Body Benefits Elegance Touch Control Illuminated Mirror, $120.

I'm a firm believer that it's the tools you use when applying your makeup that helps you nail the finished look. Just as a foundation application works best with a brush, the same is true for using a magnifying mirror. Using an illuminating mirror to your daily regime will become addictive. Not only are you able to get up close to your skin, which ensures a flawless-looking makeup application, but the illuminating lights are also worth their weight in gold for tweezing stray brow hairs, checking on the state of open pores and even popping in your contact lenses. One side is a classic mirror, while the other magnifies seven times (which is scary and amazing all at the same time).

A white  Neutrogena  Light Therapy Acne Mask and refil activator

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, $18 refil activator $40.

The skincare powerhouse, Neutrogena moved into the technology realm late last year with their latest gadget designed to tackle mild to moderate acne. This DIY light therapy offered in a sci-fi-looking mask works on two levels. First, the blue light addresses acne-causing bacteria that sits on the surface of the skin, while the red light reduces inflammation associated with pimples and blemishes. You can use this mask from the comfort of your home, office or even while you're scanning your social media in bed. It's chemical and UV free and can be used every day for 10 minutes - the result is a less congested, much more even-looking complexion. 

A purple and silver  Braun  Silk. Epil9 Wet & Dry Epilation and Exfoliating System

Braun Silk. Epil9 Wet & Dry Epilation and Exfoliating System, $300.

The whizz-bang of epilators - known as one of the best DIY hair removing gadgets. This ingenious tool not only removes hair thanks to its 'microgrip' tweezers (it nabs hair as short as 0.5mm), an exfoliating brush around the tweezers, buffs the skin helping to reduce those pesky ingrown hairs. The contoured head allows you to navigate your way through your body even in the most intimate of spots ensuring the removal of every single hair. And the wet/dry technology means you can take this cordless contraption anywhere - even in the shower- genius.

Silver  Cutisonic  Sonic Face Cleansing Brush & Make Up Applicator

Cutisonic Sonic Face Cleansing Brush & Make Up Applicator, $125.

Cute and compact, but don't be deceived - this little pocket rocket is a dual-purpose cleansing and makeup applicator gadget making it one of our beauty life savers. The cleansing tool (a rubber buffing pad) provides a deep clean thanks to the sonic waves that help to pull dirt and grime from deep in the skin - yet with a much more gentle approach than harsh cleansing brushes. And then with a quick change of the top pad, you have a foundation, bronzer and blush sponge applicator which has been designed to buff on makeup resulting in a longer-lasting finish - it's so clever. 

A black  Theorie  Saga Thermal Brush

Theorie Saga Thermal Brush, $175.

A hot brush that smoothes, straightens and polishes your hair - it's one of the best frizz fighting hot hair tools on the market. In fact what's not to love about this gadget. The design of this tool starts with a titanium core which heats at a rapid rate, within seconds to 150 degrees. While the fine ceramic over-glaze works to help retain the heat. The bristles have also been designed with extreme styling in mind. The prongs work to polish your mane, lock in moisture, while also eliminating static and frizz. Blast dry your hair before using this as the finishing tool to get a polished, smooth-looking style that stays on point for hours.