Hair extensions

Something I have always battled with is my hair. It's oh so fine and while I do have a lot of it, it's limp lack-lustre attitude leaves me feeling like it's glued to my head. I am that girl that gets a blow-wave with movement and body only to step outside and find my locks are almost immediately limp. Find out what I did to change this hair dilemma in my new reveiw - The Trial Files.

Before and after the transformation.

Before and after the transformation.

SARAH TRIED?  3/4 head extensions using a unique technique that incorporates traditional weave and micro-ring technology. No glueing or braiding was used in this technique.

VENUE?  Loxy's, 4 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland. 

WHO'S IT FOR?  For anyone who craves thicker hair or simply wants to add length.

THE PROCESS?  I popped into Loxy's expecting to be in there for the long haul and was completely floored to discover I was in and out within 90 minutes. After an initial colour match, because I have balayage colour in my hair, we were set to get these puppies in. While my hair is fine, like I said I have a lot of it, so was able to get away with going for a 3/4 head of extensions. I was treated to having the service done by the Queen of extensions - the founder and director of Loxy's, Kate Jarrett who now runs two very successful salons, the Auckland branch and also Wellington and I might I add one of the nicest people I have ever met. Methodically, Jarrett starts to section off my hair to reveal the areas she will be placing the strips of weave. The key to Loxy's success is the way the hair extension (real hair) are applied. No braids or glue in sight, which are both known to cause damage, the technique Loxy's prides itself on is a combination of a weave and a micro-ring system. Essentially small sections of your natural hair is woven through the weave and clamped into place with rings that have a rubber inner, meaning zero damage. Jarrett places the weaves in sections at the back and on the sides, picking up my natural hair to ensure I can still wear it up without revealing the secret to my new luscious locks. Then, the fun part comes choosing the length.  Originally I was going to keep the extensions to my own length, but after a quick chat with the team, we decided to keep them a bit longer - they can always be cut after you get used to them. A stylist did need to chip into my blunt lob to seamlessly blend the extensions in, and then I was out the door and off to a family dinner sporting a very gorgeous mane of long, blonde tresses.

MAINTENANCE Once again, I was thrilled to discover the maintenance isn't too much of a commitment. Sure, you need to make sure you're gentle with them and cleanse them with good hair products, and always use a Tangle Teezer brush, (gently removes knots without tugging at the extensions) but really, that's what we all should do with our natural hair anyway.
The one change to my regime was to ditch the volumising products as they contain protein, which can affect the condition of the hair, but with this much hair, I didn't need those products anyway. A trip to the lovely girls in salon every 5-7 weeks is an essential to keep the extensions looking their best, and once again, you are out within the hour - that's what I call seamless service.

Angel Helichrysum Revitalising Shampoo, $39.50. Angel Helichrysum Revitalising Conditioner, $39.50. Eleven Miracle Treatment, $32. Tangle Teezer Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush, $30.

THE VERDICT? Sold! These are by far the most believable and comfortable extensions out there. The distribution of weight in each weave means that no section of hair is put under strain and the fear of your natural hair falling out in clumps is non-existent.

WHAT'S THE COST? The initial cost is dependent on the thickness and the price starts at $435 for a half head and up to $770 for a full head. A small price to pay for any woman struggling with fine, thin hair. Bare in mind if you take care of your extensions they will last six to nine months before needing to be replaced.