Simple and effective skincare

A committed Dermalogica fan beauty director Sarah Simpson shares her morning and evening routine using her top five products.

Images BeautyEQ

Images BeautyEQ

I am the first to admit that I am beauty obsessed and this starts with my skincare regime. But I am also busy and don't have time to slather on a million and one products. I like to keep it simple, yet effective. Products that do what they promise and offer excellent results.

Here's a sneak peek into what I do for my skin, morning and night.

Wet Product and Mitt - Precleanse Balm.jpg

1. The newest launch from the brand and I am a smitten kitten. PreCleanse Balm, $75 has been designed as step zero in your cleansing regime. Essentially this balm to oil formula works to rid your skin of all the build up from the day like makeup and pollution, prepping it for the next cleanse which is able to get down to business and give a thorough cleanse. I buff it into my skin dry using the mitt before adding water to emulsify.



2. Second cleanse time - I use Special Cleansing Gel, $66. This soap-free formula lathers up to give my skin a beautiful deep cleanse without any irritation. I use my hands to massage it into my skin before removing with the Sponge Cloth, $28.


3. Next up comes my absolute must-have step, toner. Loads of people don't use a toner, but I am a diehard fan for how it preps my skin for serums and moisturisers. What I like most about this one is that it's a spray bottle, making it quick and easy. A couple of spritzes onto damp skin and I allow it to sink in before moving onto my serum.


4. Now that I am officially in my late thirties (gulp), I add a serum with anti-ageing properties into my daily regime and this one fits the bill just fine. I pop this onto my toned skin and lightly press it on allowing it to absorb. I always pay particular attention to my eye and lip area.


5. The final step. In the morning I use this Sheer Tint, $86 and at night I switch it up for Super Rich Repair, $147. I pat onto my skin and gently rub in until it looks seamless on my skin.

Voila - done!