Sleeping Beauty

There's something to be said about a beauty product that works its magic while we sleep. They are not only time saving, but are also some of the hardest working products money can buy. Sarah Simpson shares some of the best beauty buys that promise to help you look like you've had more zzzz's than you really have.

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We all know that our skin does most of its repairing while we sleep, so why not take advantage of this and get some pampering done while we're dreaming of our next holiday.

Here's our top tips:

Dry, parched skin will benefit from a luxe face mask at night. Cleanse as normal and then apply. Dehydrated skin will benefit from leaving it on all night.

Spritz some pillow spray onto your linen and through the room - these sprays normally contain lavender and other calming ingredients to promote a deeper, calmer sleep.

Night creams are there for a reason - they are a thicker formulation and often boast a higher concentration of powerhouse ingredients. Apply liberally to your skin at night and allow it to work its magic.

Hands are often forgotten, yet they are one of the first places to shows signs of ageing - adding a hand cream into your evening regime gives you one less job to do during the day and it's one of the only times you are staying still long enough to let it really soak in.

Take your beauty supplements at night to avoid having to load up on too many during the day. 

Apply your tan at night ensuring it develops while you sleep - no more feeling sticky while you get about your day.

Dry lips will love you for adding a lip balm to your evening routine. Keep some beside your bed and apply right before you say goodnight.