Tone on tone ombrè - summer's most flattering colour.

Is ombré making a come back? Yes - after all when something is that good, why let it slide? Trudi Brewer investigates what's hot with her favourite hair look.  

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The technique of ombré hair colouring has been around for a few years now, and it's not a two season wonder - it's here to stay. This trend has all the makings of a classic. Timeless, and adaptable it's a colour look that is super flattering. Not only does it allow you to experiment with multiple colours at one time; it can be worn as subtle, or as dramatic as you like. And it's brilliant for stretching out your salon visits from six to 12 weeks.
Traditionally dark roots to very light tips defines this trend. But this summer a more sophisticated ombré is emerging. For brunettes, warm, rich chocolate brown with a golden honey for the ends, or warm mocha paired with a cool coffee are so flattering. And for blondes, consider sandy hues at the roots and pale buttery or platinum blonde at the ends. The point is this summer keep the ombré so subtle it almost looks like a trick of the light.  

Here are the latest looks to inspire your summer colour.

Tone-in-tone ombré
Instead of working with two or more colours, suggest to your stylist to stick to a single palette and go for changes in the tone and intensity only. This slight tonal change in depth and light is a brilliant way to get a new look, without the commitment of regrowth.

If you have invested in an ombrè colour, make sure you have a colour refresher shampoo or conditioner at home. Used weekly, these keep the colour looking at it's best, while preventing fading under the UV rays.  
Here are our picks.

Joico Colour Balance Blue Shampoo for brunettes, $34. Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel.Wash, $45
Fudge clean blonde violet toning shampoo, $25. De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Silver Shampoo, $25.