'Browography' - the age erasing brow treatment.

When your brows are well groomed and defined, I swear it takes ten years off your face. Here's my 'Browography' journey says Trudi Brewer.

As a slave to fashion, I can remember plucking my eyebrows to oblivion back in the 90's. I was warned, by my then boyfriend, and mother that I would live to regret reducing my naturally-full brows into slim, over-arched strips - and I did. Yes, they grew back, but unless I pencilled them they would appear patchy and uneven. So, when beauty director Sarah Simpson came swanning into the office sporting a sharp-looking set of brows a few months back -  I was green with envy. Pulling rank as editor, I was booked into ON Browhouse for some rehab. Nicky Shore, founder of OFF and ON is one of the Beauty EQ beauty panellists, not only for her excellent knowledge of all things beauty but also for being an authority on hair rejuvenation and removal - from brows to the bikini line. So putting my brows in the hands of her team at ON was a no brainer. 

My goal: I wanted to restore those youthful full-looking brows I was born with. 

The treatment
ON 'Browography' or as it's known in beauty circles, brow tattooing is unique. It's a bespoke treatment, which quite literally puts your brows under a microscope to find the right, colour, thickness and length. Your face shape, age and fashion taste is also taken into consideration. Measurements, then an outline is drawn on skin. Shock, horror, my brows needed correcting one was slightly higher than the other. After a colour match, the area was numbed, using a topical cream, and then the tattooing begins. Using a calligraphy-style needle that's dipped into a vegetable ink, and then used to etch feather-like strokes into the brows. This process takes around 20 minutes and leaves a life-like stroke that I swear mimics the look of a single natural hair. I was waiting for the pain. However, hand on heart there is none - a combination of the numbing cream and the skill of the operator, and all you will feel is a light scratching on skin. But what is most satisfying is that you leave after an hour with a stunning pair of brows that you will not stop looking at for days.

Browography is tattooing of sorts, which means it does break the skin, but only tints the first few layers, which makes it a semi-permanent treatment, so touch-ups after six weeks are essential. And then follow ups after a year will keep your brows looking sharp. A few post-treatment tips: The first week following this treatment, you must not get your brows wet, so you need to apply Vaseline over them when showering and keep them nourished using the take home grapeseed oil, twice daily. Also, you can't participate in strenuous exercise for the first few days, the increase in your heart rate and sweating can push the dye out of your skin.

My advice
This treatment is a beauty investment at the cost of $895, but to wake up with glossy-looking well-groomed brows makes it worth every single cent. Not to mention shaving 10 minutes off my daily beauty routine - I no longer have to pencil my brows, and it has lifted my ever-so droopy right brow. Now I am sporting a super groomed set of what I would now refer to as bangin' brows. 

Visit ON Brow House for more info or phone 09 366 1692.