The 10-step skincare regime you need to try

The secret to looking younger is apparently a skincare routine with a few more steps than you might be used to.  Sarah Simpson takes you on a Korean skincare journey.

Flawless skin is the end goal with this lengthy regime. Image Pinterest

There's no denying that Korea is the 'mothership' when it comes to all things beauty. They're at the very centre of ground-breaking innovations, formulations, not to mention an impressive skincare regime that is getting attention worldwide. So what is this 10-step skincare regime and do we need to be following suit?

Co-founder of Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho also has a beauty book to her name. 
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Before you start running for the hills, hear me out on this. You would actually be surprised if you stopped and counted the steps you already take in your morning and evening skincare regime. Even on a lazy cleansing day, you are probably ticking off four or five steps, which means you're halfway there. The secret to this skincare approach is taking the time to care for your skin. The Korean philosophy is that the time spent putting makeup on your face should also equate to the time you spend taking it off. And this is an attitude drilled into them from a young age, much younger than the Western world. The steps are broken down like this:
1 - Eye makeup removal
2 - Cleanse
3 - Exfoliate
4 - Refresher (Toning)
5 - Essence
6 - Ampoule (Serum)
7 - Sheet Mask
8 - Eye Cream
9 - Moisturise
10 - Night cream

Looking at this line-up it's easy to feel overwhelmed, but there's no denying that Korean women boast beautiful complexions, so there has to be some merit in adding these extra steps into your morning and evening ritual. The most obvious steps that aren't usually part of a Western regime is the addition of an essence and a sheet mask. According to Soko Glam, A beauty website and online store dedicated to selling Korean beauty products, an essence is the most important step for Korean women yet it is something we were late to adopt here. Essences work on your cell turnover and achieving brightness in your complexion, something that New Zealand women crave too. A favourite Korean brand is the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, which can be purchased online at Soko Glam and shipped to New Zealand. Sheet masks also rank highly in the regime for their ability to help skin absorb the powerhouse of ingredients contained in them. A favourite of Cho's is the Manefit masks which come in a huge assortment of choices depending on your skincare needs.

Benton Essence is one of Soko Glam's top sellers. Image Pinterest.

I have come away from researching this topic inspired to give this longer regime a go. To me, it feels like it's about giving my skin the respect it deserves and pampering it after a full day in make up. My challenge for you is to jump on board the wave too - even if you start by adding one or two more steps, it all makes a difference and before you know it, I think you'll be converting your friends to this new approach of caring for your skin.