Learn how to do a nacial - DIY nail facial

There's a new beauty ritual in town and we are all about it here at BeautyEQ. Sarah Simpson explains how to give yourself a nacial.

Short, shaped and neutral will never put you wrong. Image Pinterest

Short, shaped and neutral will never put you wrong. Image Pinterest

Just like our hands age, so too do our nails and a set of bad ones is not only a complete beauty sin, but they will only get worse if left untouched. Take the time to give your hands and nails some TLC with a 'nacial', (nail facial) the latest buzzword in the beauty world. A nacial  is essentially a salon-worthy manicure in the comfort of your own home. If you're suffering from dry, brittle, flaking nails , a nacial is just what the doctor ordered.

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Starting with a good scrub is a great idea to prep tired hands and nails. Soak your hands in some warm water before using your trusty face scrub as a gentle hand exfoliator, paying attention to work around your nail bed and slough off any dry skin.

Cuticle Care
Use a cuticle dissolving liquid and clippers to trim back any skin that needs it, but don't be too overzealous with trimming - aim to only clip back areas that need it and any hang nails that you may have.

Shape and buff
Perfect the shape of your nails using an emery board before buffing the top of your nail bed with a buffing block to smooth and shine. 

Hand Mask
Grab your favourite hand cream and slather on a generous layer as well as a drop of cuticle oil at the base of each nail before wrapping your hands in a warm, moist hand towel and allow to sink in for a good 10 minutes.

Polish and Perfect
Pop on a good base coat before choosing your colour. With so many gel formulations on the market, a salon visit isn't as necessary as it used to be.  A couple of drops of some quick-drying finishing liquid and you're set.