Bamboo water

First, aloe, next coconut, and then we were guzzling cleansing charcoal water. Now it's the water from trees, namely birch and the latest bamboo which has kicked off a new H2O craze across the globe.

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Tree water is hot right now. The birch tree and bamboo are getting wellness addicts super excited for the water they produce. Rich in antioxidants and electrolytes, birch tree water is brimming with trace minerals and vitamins, that are easily absorbed by the body.  And the spotlight is now on bamboo. The green extract found inside bamboo leaves is the next health drink to covet. Taken from the plant, it is then simply added to water, along with natural sugar  and citric acid for flavour. This nature-inspired blend is brimming with health benefits that models and makeup artists swear by calling it the new 'beauty drink' of 2016. Refreshing and naturally sweet to taste, it has hints of green tea flavour and not much else.

Nutritionists believe there are five reasons to add bamboo water to your daily diet.

Bamboo extract is high in antioxidants and has a powerful antimicrobial effect on the body.

Bamboo has an excellent anti-halitosis effect, cleansing from the inside out, it keeps your gut and breath in top shape.

Bamboo water is sugar-free, it contains only five calories every 100ml.

Bamboo boosts natural collagen production in skin, slowing the ageing process, which over time encourages skin to glow.

Bamboo is one of the most potent natural sources of silica, the beauty mineral, which supports strong and healthy skin, hair and nails.