Witchery Beauty

Fashion labels have been creating cosmetics for many years, particularly in the luxury arena. But now high street brands are getting in on the act. Editor Trudi Brewer discovers the latest range.

The face of Witchery Beauty 2016 is kiwi model, Ashleigh Goode.

The face of Witchery Beauty 2016 is kiwi model, Ashleigh Goode.

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Chanel, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs -  all create incredible makeup, fragrance and skincare lines that for many women, are an affordable entry into the world of luxury. And now, it seems high street brands are dabbling with colour and creams too. H&M were the first, with a beautiful line of conscious cosmetics including colour and skin creams, (that hits Australian stores this month) and now Witchery with a range of colour called, Witchery Beauty. Linda Levy, Managing Director of Witchery who's also behind Witchery’s Beauty explains. "Witchery Beauty takes its inspiration from international runways. The collection embodies the latest looks that offer our customers a fashion-forward edit of beauty essentials to coordinate with our apparel and accessory collections," says Levy.

Editor Trudi Brewer asked Levy about the collection, which by the way is pretty chic.

Who designed the collection?
The range was developed by the Witchery Beauty team. The team work closely with the best industry suppliers to deliver the best quality products and formulations. 

Why is Witchery launching directional cosmetics?
We wanted to offer the Witchery woman a head-to-toe experience in store and online by creating luxury beauty products to add the finishing touch to her look. We researched the market, spoke to our customers, researched beauty trends to ensure all key products and colours were incorporated.

How did you come up with the shade selection?
The range is produced to work with our apparel collection, so all colours coordinate perfectly. We’ve used highly pigmented and on-trend colours which have been designed to enhance and accentuate a women's best features.

Will this collection be the first of a ongoing seasonal look?
As the seasons change, we will introduce new colour’s and continue to grow our beauty offering based on new trends. All I can say is watch this space!

There are 35 products in the collection, priced from $10 to $22, which makes them a very smug buy. Our picks from the collection include: Above: Lip Creme Pencil in Grape, $10. Lipgloss Wand in Blackberry, $19. Eyebrow Pencil, $10. Second row: Matte Lipstick in Crimson, $19. Cheek Palette in Crimson, $22. Bronzer in Champagne, $22.