Skin strobing with Bobbi Brown

When it comes to getting a luminous glow on skin, makeup guru Bobbi Brown is the master. Editor Trudi Brewer spoke with Brown on the latest craze strobing, and how to master the art of giving skin an instant glow.

There is nothing like layering makeup textures on skin to get that lit-from-within finish. And for Bobbi Brown, it is all about playing up your best assets. Not a fan of contouring, she believes in working with what you have already got. "There is such beauty in a woman’s face. You need to embrace it and enhance it. Women should highlight the features they love the most, what I call their positive features. I like to enhance natural beauty by using a technique called strobing, which helps highlight your best features using a combination of illuminating skincare and makeup products." That technique, Brown admits is about focusing on the areas where the light naturally hits your face. "The cheekbones, bridge of the nose, the tip of the chin, and the middle of forehead and brow bone," are your target.

Brown backstage at New York Fashion Week

Brown backstage at New York Fashion Week

Here’s Bobbi Brown's step by step guide to successful strobing.
Start with a moisturiser that gives your skin a bit of a glow, I use one with an illuminator built in, such as Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm. You don’t want to look greasy; you want to create pretty, hydrated skin. Next, use a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream to even out the skin. Skip the powder or flat-looking foundations unless you are prone to oily skin. 

Strobing is all about playing with light reflection so you can easily incorporate an illuminating bronzer for a more skin-kissed look and natural dimension. Apply the bronzer softly on the cheek and blend out to the hairline. Choose a colour that you naturally tan when you’re in the sun. 

Next, layer blush over the cheeks, blending the colour upward towards the hairline and then downward to soften and blend the blush. The Face Blender Brush is a great tool for this. 

To get the lit-from-within look, you need a highlighted illuminating product—like the highlighting powder. It can be cream, liquid, or a powder highlighter in shimmer or glitter. 

When it comes to shades: pale skin should use champagne or pale pink shade. Medium skin looks best in a dusty pink or rose. For dark skin, choose a warm bronzy gold hue. 

Use your fingers or a fluffy brush to add highlighter above your cheekbone, above the apple of the cheek, as well as along the temples. You can also apply at the inner corner of the eyelid.  

Keep in mind that less is more with strobing, but you can use it playfully on the décolleté and shoulders, and even a touch along the brow bone.  

The Bobbi Brown strobing makeup kit.

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