Your Hair Assistant by Davines

When a top flight hairdresser creates a blow dry range, you can rest assured it will give your hair a polish that lasts for days. Trudi Brewer is swooning over Davines 'Your Hair Assistant'.

Davines Your Hair Assistant 

Davines Your Hair Assistant 

The new line causing a buzz in hair circles is the brainchild of British stylist Angelo Seminara, who has dabbled with ranges before. He last project was Flamboyage a colouring service also for Davines and now a blow dry range to help you master the art of styling at home. 
Enter 'Your Hair Assistant' a collect of the necessary products, seven in total that are designed to create smoothness, volume and most importantly create a weightless finish, with zero frizz.
With a subtle scent of jasmine and mint, in oh-so-pretty, blush pink earth-friendly packaging there is be Prep Shampoo, $42 and two options of conditioner. Prep Mild Cream, $44 (pictured below) and Prep Rich Balm, $44 depending on the thickness and texture of the hair. 
A Blowdry Primer, $47, (pictured below) the only styling product in the range, you spritz into damp hair in sections, it's an anti-humidity spray, ideal for our NZ climate. And for finishing products, Volume Creator, $42, perhaps the most ingenious product in the range. With this product that is 100 percent natural Seminara's inspiration came from school. "I remember a classmate of mine who used to work as a carpenter before and after school and had wood dust residue in his hair. It created a matte, voluminous effect." A blend of bamboo powder and coconut powder you apply with a fluffy powder brush, Volume Creator Brush, $65 (pictured below) directly onto the scalp in sections to add texture. This powder leaves hair feeling slightly back-combed, which is ideal for those with fine, flat-looking locks.
And the Definition Mist, $44 (pictured below) and Perfecting Hairspray, $45 round off the range nicely the Mist adds shine and it's ideal for layered hair or blondes. While the Perfecting Hairspray is ultra light, it leaves absolutely no residue the day after.

DIY dry tips
While the right products are a good step toward a great-looking blow dry, mastering how to dry your hair at home helps with the finish. Greg Murrell from Ryder Salon in Auckland shares his advice.

Dry your hair by squeezing and patting the moisture from it, rather than rubbing hair; this only encourages frizz.
Don't pre-dry hair with heat, avoid blowing hair around this only creates fly-aways and frizz.
Always comb through wet hair, never start drying tangled locks, (we love the Tangle Teezer Salon Elite, $28).
Sectioning hair is crucial when applying styling products. Apply 80 percent of the product to the roots and only 20 percent to the mid-lengths and ends.  
Brush hair from side-to-side to dry the roots first, use a paddle brush to cover large areas at once. If your hair is long, tip your head upside down to dry the roots. 
The nozzle should always follow the brush when blow drying. 
For volume, use the hot heat, for smoothness use the lower and medium heat. For curly hair use the lowest heat and the lowest speed setting on your dryer.
Dry in sections and start with the area that you find hardest to smooth, such as the fringe or around the face.
Deal with cowlicks by brushing hair back and forth to smooth from the roots.
Make sure hair is completely dry. Even the slightest bit of moisture will cause hair to collapse during the day. A tell tale sign is when the hair starts to lift out of the brush once it is dry.