Nude by Nature's new Professional Brush Collection

Nine new Nude by Nature Professional Brushes in the Collection.

Nine new Nude by Nature Professional Brushes in the Collection.


There are brushes, and then there are makeup artist-inspired brushes. Trudi Brewer enlists the help of celebrity makeup artist and Nude by Nature's pro artist, Owen Allison, to share his tips on how to use the essential brushes in this new collection.

What do you like about the new Nude by Nature brushes?
It's a well thought out collection of multi-tasking complexion brushes for any makeup application. The synthetic, cruelty-free fibres make it less likely for you to react to the hair. And, these brushes have packed with fibres, to get that professional finish to your makeup application.  

Why have a concealer brush, when your fingers work well?
There are a few reasons. It works well when stippling (pressing rather than wiping) to avoid on concealer, which means you use less, around the eye area. And it's curved, to fit the contours of the face. A great tip is to mix a tiny amount of moisturiser into the concealer, and then apply it with the Concealer brush, under the eye and in the inner and outer corners.

Why is a mineral powder brush different to a fluffy powder brush?
The difference is this Mineral brush is densely packed with fibres, so it polishes the powder into the skin, rather than dusting on powder with a fluffy brush. A fluffy brush is better for a light powder touch ups on an oily T-zone during the day.

How do you clean these brushes?
Wash them with shampoo, and dry the brushes naturally, laying them flat, so the water can escape as they dry. Never stand them upright, the water can't escape from the base of the brush, and this is when the brush decays, and then fibres shed onto the face.

What is the best brush for contouring?
Contouring is the buzz word in makeup circles right now, but it can go very wrong if the blending is not perfect. The curved Contour brush fits into the bone structure of the face and is perfect for contouring cheeks with bronzer.

How can women at home contour quickly and easily?
The easiest way to contour is to imagine a number three, and then follow that shape. Using bronzer, on each side of the face. Start at the top, in the middle of the forehead and sweep the brush out to the side of the forehead, and then down to the centre of the cheek, and back to the hairline. Then sweep it down under the chin and jawbone area. Remember less is more with your application of bronzer when contouring. You can also contour the edge of the nose, by pinching the tip of the brush to make the fibres tight, and then buff down the sides of the nose and also on the tip of the nose. Finally, use a Buffing brush to go over the contour application to soften any lines. Contouring should be very subtle by day but you can get away with more at night as the lights go down.

What are the must-have brushes and the nice-to-have brushes?
Concealer, Foundation, Blush, and the Kabuki brushes are must have. I would add the Contour, Buffing and Mineral Brushes, as a nice to have. If you travel, the Retractable Travel Brush is great, you can pre-load the brush with mineral powder, and use it during the day for touch ups.

What is your favourite brush and why?
My favourite brush has to be the Buffing brush, it polishes the powder into the skin, to create aglow. I use a clean Buffing brush, after applying foundation, to buff the face in circular movements; it reduces the look of heavy makeup in seconds.

What is your best makeup tip when using mineral powder?
If it looks caked on, or flat on the skin, add a quick spritz of a mineral water to the face. Spray a fine mist, at arms length, is all you need; this will refine the finish, and make the complexion glow.

My pick of the Nude by Nature Professional Brush Collection: Contour Brush, $30. Concealer Brush, $20. Buffing Brush, $35