Our guilty pleasure - Rosé

Rosé our wine of choice

Rosé is the best summer tipple. And the mark of a good Rosé is when it is served chilled and on the lighter shade of pink. We like a full-bodied Rosé, and as novice wine connoisseurs we have found the best to indulge in with a bowl of potato chips and a cheese platter - listen up girls who like to end the week with a nice glass of Rosé.

Mesta Tempranillo Rosé, $15.
The perfect summer wine, it's truly delicious. And to quote wine snobs 'it's an utterly refreshing little Spanish number.'  I do like a full-bodied Rosé; a pinot is my pick. And while you may think this is Spain all the way, it does have a Kiwi connection. Produced with the help of an NZ Master of Wine (Sam Harrop), that is not the only reason we like it. It's the perfect Rosé to drink with shared plates - our cheese platter to be exact, but when we drink this Rosé we always add a selection of spicy meats - chorizo and spicy cold meats. Apparently, you get a whiff of raspberries, cranberries and pomegranate, with an aftertaste of lush fruity flavours, we just like that it's crisp and fresh -  and so easy to drink.
Mesta Tempranillo Rosé, team vote: 7/10

Akarua RUA Pinot Ros 2015, $22.
This is gorgeous. Light for a Pinot Noir Rosé, apparently it contains hints of passion fruit and watermelon - but we drink it so fast, we don't get the chance to the saviour that taste. Best served cold, it is said to have a strawberries and cream flavour, again we did not notice that, all we taste is the fruity flavour of a very moreish, can't-get-enough Rosé. The additional hints of vanilla and spice (again we do not feel that), make it the perfect glass served for girls drinks - it has us weak at the knees, every Friday. I have bought 12 bottles before the Christmas rush.
Akarua RUA Pinot Ros 2015, team vote: 9/10

PETER YEALANDS Pinot Rosé, $16.
Best served as an aperitif - apparently. This is a cheeky, fruity Pinot Noir Rosé and a nice drop served with a seafood platter - we make a mean salmon dip and crackers to eat with this tipple. Again you will taste pomegranate, raspberries and strawberries - or so the experts say; we have not felt that, however, all we know is that we are left wanting a second glass, which is always a good sign. Bring on summer entertaining.
PETER YEALANDS Pinot Rosé, team vote: 7/10