Spray tanning - pro tips from the best

Before you strip down to your birthday suit, here's a guide to getting a great spray tan at home? Co-owner of Premium Glo, a mobile tanning business Desley Grant shares her advice on getting the most natural-looking, long-lasting tan this summer.

When it comes to an amazing tan, it really all comes down to preparation - exfoliating and moisturising are both absolute musts before you tan. When you pre-scrub be sure to focus on the elbows, knees and ankles - these are the areas that have a tendency to be drier and don’t always get the attention they deserve.  Also if you are doing any form of waxing or shaving do this at least 24-48 hours before your tanning appointment.

What should you check or request before having a spray tan?You get what you pay for when it comes to a good spray tan, cheap and cheerful is not always the best option when you want to achieve a perfect tan. Ask around and do your research before making your spray tan appointment. When booking with Premium Glo, we go through a pre and post tanning checklist so you know exactly what to do and expect before during and after your tan. 

Is Spray tanning bad for you?
Spray tanning is the safest way for you to get a natural looking tan, all year round. It is becoming more and more popular mostly due to people’s increased awareness around the harm caused by the sun and sun bedding.  Tanning companies are continuously bringing out new and advanced formulas to provide you with safer healthy tanning option. 

Can you have a spray tan when you are pregnant?
We have a lot of clients who come to us while pregnant; it’s a wonderful little pick me up to make you look and feel better. Having a spray tan while pregnant is always a personal choice and a lot of women do opt for the organic and natural tanning solution.  If you are concerned, then we do advise you to consult with your doctor before booking your spray tan.

What are your secrets creating a seamless looking tan?
On the day of your tan you want to ensure your skin is clear of any products, we always suggest showering before your appointment if possible. Don't apply any deodorant, perfume or moisturiser to your skin as this will affect the tan and may make it patchy.  Choosing the best time to have your spray tan is also key to a seamless colour. We suggest 1-2 days before your occasion. This allows time for your tan to develop naturally and be at it's best. Avoid the rain (book a mobile spray tan) and no hitting the gym until the following day. Raindrops and sweat do not mix well with a freshly applied tan. 

What should you do 24hrs post tan? 
Your tanning expert will give you information on the do’s and don’t's post tan such as when to shower, this will be dependent on what product has been used and its development time. Once you have showered, you can go about your daily business and enjoy your gorgeous golden glow. Quick tip - avoid chlorinated swimming pools or spa pools, the chlorine can strip or bleach the tan and may leave your skin looking patchy. 

How often do you need a spray tan?
On average your spray tan will last around 5-7 days. However, this will vary from person to person depending on their skin tone and type. It will also come down to how you maintain your tan; this is where your preparation comes into play.  

If you are looking to have regular spray tans done over summer, we'd personally suggest you have these every 10-12 days. We're not big fans of weekly spray tanning; it quickly causes a build up of tan, and you lose that flawless even coverage.

What is your best tanning tip?
It’s all about your post-tan outfit, unfortunately looking glamorous isn’t an option. Light and loose is the only way to go after your spray tan has been applied. By wearing tight fitting clothing, you may run the risk of streaking or rubbing of the colour so avoid things like leggings, tight tops, bras or anything that will cling to your skin.

The beauty of using our mobile spray tan service is you're in the comfort of your home which means you can simply pop on something light and breezy for the remainder of the day or evening. A maxi, tee shirt dress, loose top or robe is the perfect clothing option - just until your tan has had sufficient time to dry.  

Also, avoid the streaks don’t wear your sneakers, instead opt for jandals or sandals these are the perfect footwear choice.

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