Our guilty pleasure - cheese

The team at Beauty EQ skip lunch on Friday's to indulge in a platter of cheese. We often discuss mid week the types of cheeses we will eat on foodie Friday, and lately we are guided by the trend of mixing the milks. From goat to cow, it would be safe to say, we are cheese mad. And yes, we have been known to start eating at three o'clock and wash down a good blue with a glass of chilled Rosé.
Here we reveal some of our favourites.

A range of different cheeses, nuts and crackers on a white marble table 

Over The Moon Galactic Gold Washed Rind, $8.00.
A little of this slightly sticky cheese is all you will need to make an impact when entertaining. Similar to Camembert (but better in my mind) it has a rich, aromatic flavour, and a melt-in-the-mouth taste. While stinky, or as it's known in cheese circles, a 'smelly sock' aroma (we love that), I loved it. However, if it's too overpowering for your taste buds, you can request a younger slice and the smell is not so strong. Now it's at this point I have to put my cheese snob hat on, and explain the way it looks, which is also not that pretty. It's a ‘washed rind’ cheese, which means when the cheeses are set out to mature after making, they are washed with a brine solution every two to three days while they mature to help develop that distinctive texture and flavour. As cheese enthusiasts, we like to eat this with oat crackers and a nice glass of red, but you can use it in salads, or on five grain with smoked chicken - it is also delicious when melted.
Team vote: 9/10

Puhoi Valley Kawau Blue Gorgonzola Style Cheese $10.55.
Drumroll please... you are staring at a cheese winner, this blue won the Champions of Cheese Award for 2016. As a feisty blue it's often the mainstay of our cheese platter. If you're a blue fan (like me) this is moist, soft and creamy (all the characters of a good cheese in my mind) and it's made in the style of traditional Italian Gorgonzola - with a grey, orange rind and an abundance of blue mould. Don't be tempted to clutter your cheese board when eating this blue, we like to serve it with ripe pears, figs or plum paste. Or perfect after dinner with a simple slab of honeycomb and a sticky dessert wine.
Team vote: 8/10.

Cranky Goat Soft Goats Cheese $10
We do have a fondness for soft goat cheese, and we are often on the search for a variety with a bit of a kick. Firstly we love the name of this cheese and the fact that it is made with love in a family owned business. These cheese artisans are based in Marlborough Sounds and have a true passion for creating delicious cheese - they also make a jolly good Halloumi.  And not only is it a great addition to any cheese platter, it is also one cheese we would gladly chop up and serve in a fresh beetroot and thyme salad or crumbled over fresh steamed beans with a dash of lemon oil.  
Team vote: 7/10

Tell us your favourite cheese we would love to try it.