About Face celebrates 30 years of success

Celebrating 30 years of About Face, Marianna and Paul Glucina along with thier team created the most gorgeous evening for VVIP clients - heres a snap shot of the night.

Guest speakers nutritionist Buffy Ellen of Be Good Organics, Tatum Dunster from The BrowGal along with founders and owners of About Face Mariana and Paul Glucina joined editor Trudi Brewer and beauty director Sarah Simpson to treat VVIP clients to an evening of beauty and well-being. Along with bubbles and healthy nibbles, guests were given some great well-being advice on how to look good at any age, caring for your skin from the inside out.  

Marianna Glucina
What are the most significant changes you have seen in the beauty industry over the past 30 years?
Technology and the efficacy in product formulations. And social change, women are under enormous pressure to look younger, longer. We all age it's part of life, and I think we need to be kind to ourselves and focus more on holistic beauty, caring for ourselves from the inside out.
What matters most when it comes to anti-ageing?
A broad spectrum sunscreen applied 365 days of the year. And adding antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E into your daily skincare regime.  
What advice do you have for someone wanting to address those signs of ageing with treatments or products?
Start with the big guns. Invest in a hight tech course of treatments such as a laser, Fraxel and Omnilux light therapies, depending on your concerns. And then, maintain that change with a skincare prescription to use at home.
Best beauty tips?
Always wear sunscreen - every day. Don't pick at your skin; it will cause scar tissue that is hard to correct. And always cleanse makeup off at night. A makeup wipe, while convenient won't cut it. These are made from wood pulp and chemicals; which can cause irritation. Good cleansing habits are the cornerstone of a good skincare regime.
Desert island product?
I can't choose one. So it would be coconut oil, which has so many beauty uses. From a hair treatment, cleanser and it has a natural SPF. And then sunscreen of course. My BrowGal Skinny pencil, and a lipstick.

Buffy Ellen of Be Good Organics
What are they foods that have the most impact on the skin?
Antioxidants, are so important and the only place you get those are from brightly colour fruits and vegetables. Think of those as the first part of the meal, rather than carbohydrates and meat. In the body, they attach on to the free radicals caused by stress, and environmental pollutants that help speed up the ageing process.
What’s a fast, nutritious breakfast for busy women on the go?
Everyone has quite a different routine and different preferences. Some people love having a smoothie in the morning. I recommend chopping up banana and fruit and veg once a week and putting them in containers, and then put them in the freezer. That way you can quickly make a smoothie from the ingredients in the freezer just by adding some almond milk or coconut water, and you’re ready to go. If you like to chew something in the morning, make a large batch of muesli, pop it in containers, and then add some fresh fruit to it, both are so easy.
Best healthy eating tip?
I like the 80-20 approach. That means 80% of the time you eat good, plant based healthy foods and the other 20% of the time you enjoy yourself. That may mean having a glass of wine or two or that slice of cake and enjoying them without feeling guilty. 

Tatum Dunster, makeup artist and business development manager for The BrowGal.
What is your advice for people wanting to grow out their brows?
I would recommend investing in a serum such as The Brow Gal Second Chance Serum, which works to condition brows and promotes hair growth. And avoid plucking or waxing as much as you can. Feel free to remove any stray hairs that crop up, but try to leave the main brow shape to grow out. This helps your therapist to create the perfect shape for your face.
What is your best brow tip?
Apply your product little and lightly. We can often fall into the trap of applying too much product onto the entire brow, when only a small area may need attention. First focus on sharpening up the base of your brow, stand back from the mirror and see if you need to apply more, before adding extra colour. And remember it is only makeup - it washes off. So don't be afraid to experiment with products to find the right ones to suit or you. 
What is your can't live without brow product from the range?
At the moment it is the Convertible Brow palette, which I use dry for a day look, and then use wet for a more dramatic evening look. It's a multi-purpose product; that when teamed with a spooly brush you can create perfect-looking brows in no time.