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Fragrance is the ideal Christmas gift - here's my pick of the latest to hit beauty counters.

This is the perfect fragrance for women who like to wear a whisper of scent in summer. Eau Parfumèe au thè blanc, 75ml, $127 is a green burst of bergamot, bitter orange, coriander and a very delicate musk.

Fleur de perfume, 50ml $139 screams summer, and we're a fans of all things Chloe. This year's rendition is tangy thanks to raspberry, verbena flower and notes of white musk. On counter at Smith & Caughey this month.

Calvin Klein
Deep Euphoria, 50ml, $99, has a generous dose of mandarin leaves, black magic rose and heady jasmine. And we think this bottle is also a thing of beauty.

Mui Mui
The first scent from fashion empire Mui Mui for Women 50ml, $149, will be an elegant addition under any Christmas tree. It’s a scintillating floral, thanks to the lily of the valley, jasmine and rose. On counter at Smith & Caughey this month.

Marc Jacobs
Divine Decadence, EDP $165, is just that. The soft burst of champagne, orange blossom and honeysuckle settle to reveal warm saffron and vanilla - perfect for after five.

Michael Kors
Midnight Shimmer 100ml, $175, will be that unforgettable burst of freshness, thanks to quince and jasmine petals. But it’s the vanilla bean and blonde woods that make it last all night long. On counter at Smith & Caughey this month.

Elizabeth Arden
A new member of the famous Red Door family, Always Red Femme, 100ml $109 has a hint of blackcurrant bud, pear and lemon with sweet peach blossom and the warm moss and patchouli.