Medik8 Vitamin C Radiance Facial

Vitamin C has long been touted as the glow-giver when it comes to skin. Trudi Brewer has the ultimate party-prep facial.


Beauty experts promote vitamin C for its amazing antioxidant properties and the ability to strengthen skin and fight free radicals. It's pretty much an all round good-guy in skincare circles. So when expert Leanne Dore owner of Illuminate Me on Auckland's Birkenhead Point offered rejuvenate my face, it was not a hard sell - especially with the party season looming.
What is it?
Illuminate Me Medik8 C Radiance Facial cost $140, allow 60 minutes. 
How does it work?
Like any facial, this starts with a double cleanse, designed to remove the grime and makeup from skin, followed by the grainy scrub, Medik8 Bamboo Polish. Next, a spritz of toner, and then the skin is prepped for the Medik8 pre-peel solution. Next comes the business part of the facial where a Super Facial Enzyme is applied to the skin, including the neck and chest, and massaged in for six to eight minutes. Accompanied by the gentle bubbling steam directed at the face, you may experience a little tingling sensation, (I didn't). If so, this is precisely what should happen, that feeling is the enzyme lifting away those irregular dark patches and correcting that post-winter dullness.
Why do we like it?
A good massage is the reason I have a facial; I will admit that. And over the years I have had some standout treatments. However, Dore is hands down one of the best. Her firm palms skilfully know where to linger, and what areas on the shoulders and neck need extra work. She is also a dab-hand at giving skincare advice, and sharing tips on how to better take care of your complexion, be it with treatments or injectables. After 60 minutes under her care, my skin was transformed. It looked clearer and the uneven patches, and fine lines under my eyes had almost disappeared. And did I mention that 15-minute massage? That combined with the Radiance Mask - was magic. Looking my party best, I left sporting the essential slick of SPF feeling one extremely satisfied editor. 
Who will benefit from this facial? 
Anyone who craves a glowing skin will not be disappointed in this facial. It's designed to illuminate a dull or ageing complexion.
Take home?
Medik8 Glow Facial Oil, $125 (pictured). This divine face oil is packed with vitamin C, Omega 3 and 6 to nourish skin and help repair the effects of UV damage.  

Best results are seen taken as a course of three facials, one per week over three weeks is ideal. 
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