BEQ TV - Bold Lips

Glossy lips have their place and I am a fan. But when I am sporting a bold lip, matte is my go-to finish. Before you add colour, lips need to be in top shape. I like to give lips a buff with a soft face cloth or a gentle exfoliator to prevent the matte lipstick clinging to any dry spots and accentuating them. Add a touch of lip balm and blot with a tissue, and then you are ready to apply colour. To get that long-lasting, velvety finish, KieKie Stanners, MAC Cosmetics national artist joins me to share her tips on how to nail the look. 

1. Lightly brush concealer around the lip line. This helps to fill in any fine lines and acts as a barrier to colour bleeding.

2. Apply lip liner to the entire lip area within the line. This acts as a waxy base to help the lip colour stay put and prevent from travelling throughout the day. Choose a liner that matches the bold lip colour so the end result is seamless.  

3. Press the colour onto the middle of the lip using your finger or opt for a square makeup brush.

The most on-trend bold lip has a burgundy tone. Here are my new season lip picks from MAC. Lip Pencil in Vino $38. Lipstick in Diva $40. And check out the new MAC Liptensity in Burnt Violet, $50.