OFF & ON opens in Wellington

One of our favourite beauty destinations has opened it's doors in Wellington. Finally, a well crafted believable brow and brilliant Brazilian can be found in the capital. Trudi Brewer sheds some light on what you can expect.

OFF & ON are hair specialists. From removing unwanted bikini fluff to bespoke 'browography' lash grooming and laser treatments - adding or removing hair is this companies raison d être. Owner Nicky Shore and her team believe in the power of being specialists. “I’m so excited to have these two brands under one roof and now available in Wellington. Our laser technicians, waxologists and brow artists absolutely love what they do,” says Shore. Who spent years researching the globe to find the best and most innovative ideas, which led her to open OFF back in 2007 and more recently ON Browhouse. Both offer a collection of techniques that cater to individuals needs. From creating the perfect brow, designed just for you, using a clever tattoo technique that leaves feather-like strokes to mimic real hair. To tweaking colour and tone, adding balance, proportion and shape, or simply problem-solving and correcting sparse, thin brows. Similarly, OFF Wax & Laser is renowned for being the best in the business for Brazilians (this company even makes their own wax), or long-term solutions for hair removal including facial hair with the Rolls Royce of lasers, Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser. "We aim to bring a fresh customer experience, exciting, premium and fun without the clinical or fru fru, Enya or water fountains found at beauty salons. Our unique fit outs, amazing staff and thinking about all the things you never knew were important, means that coming to OFF & ON is something to look forward to.”
It certainly breaks the mould of what you think a beauty salon should be.  

Wellington’s new destination is located on 22 Panama Street in the hub of the capitals CBD. 

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