Joy star Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence in JOY

Jennifer Lawrence in JOY

If you haven't seen JOY, it's a must for any women thinking about or struggling with the confidence to launch her own business. It joins a long legacy of films about women chasing dreams of success in both business and family, but this real-life story is based on American home shopping entrepreneur Joy Mangano. She started her empire in the 1990s with a series of home help inventions, including the famed, 'self-wringing' Miracle Mop. A struggling single mum at the time, she borrowed money from family, to create a prototype and after selling a few thousand at trade shows, in sheer desperation took her product to a home shopping network. After begging for the chance to sell it herself - she was an overnight success, and the Miracle Mop sold 18,000 in 20 minutes - Joy Mangano became a household name.
An icon in home shopping land, her company, Ingenious Designs has a range of 'as seen on TV' type products from jewellery, travel to beauty, but the blockbuster hit is still the Huggable Hangers, which have sold 700 million to date.
Golden Globe winning actress Jennifer Lawrence portrays Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano's story, and in my humble opinion, it is her best work yet. The story of JOY gave Lawrence a role different from anything she has tackled to date. Getting to know Joy Mangano inspired the character. She believes, “This is a story about so many things; it’s not just the story of Joy. It’s about family, imagination, faith in yourself, about the ruthlessness of success and what it means when you find it."
Written and directed by David O. Russell, it's the story of daring, resilience and the persistence of vision that carry people from ordinary to extraordinary.
JOY has a stellar cast, including Bradley Copper, Robert De Niro, Isabella Rossellini, Edgar Ramirez, and Elisabeth Rohm.

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