Clean eating after a season of excess...

Overeaten (basically, anything delicious) during the silly season? First, a note on guilt: don’t go there. It’s simply not worth punishing yourself. Everyone veers off the clean-eating track over the holiday season, it’s how you get back on that counts. Editor Trudi Brewer offers a guide to balancing bad eating with good.

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Here’s how to cleanse your body and skin after a few weeks of eating rich, fatty, sugary foods with some clean eating ideas.

Cheese, chocolate and ice cream?

Eat whole grains, lemon water, fresh produce and raw nuts.
A high-fat dairy diet brings the PH balance of your body into an acidic state. To get it back into an alkaline state, start the morning with a glass of water with lemon, and snack on lots of fresh fruits, veggies, such as celery, cucumber, carrots and raw (unsalted) nuts throughout the day.

Snacking on salty nuts and chips.

Hydrate with water and lots of it, eat bananas, romaine lettuce, cucumber, spinach.
Anything savoury tastes better sprinkled with salt, but body hangs on to every drop of water it can to replenish the dehydrating effects of sodium – one reason your face and under eyes may appear puffy when you wake up. Drink water, lots of it and herbal tea to help flush our your cells. Also, cram your diet with H2O-rich foods such as lettuce, celery and cucumber. Potassium also helps banish water retention, start the day with a green smoothie of coconut water banana and spinach.

Eat apples, berries, almonds, miso and kimchi.

After weeks of eating processed foods high in sugar
A high sugar diet is one reason you may be carrying weight around your middle. It also helps blood sugar levels skyrocket, and then the subsequent crash leaves you sluggish and ‘han-gry’ by afternoon. Fight the urge to eat chocolate, and snack on low-G.I. fruits such as apples or berries and raw almonds to stabilize your blood sugar. Sugar can also encourage yeast to flourish, which can cause thrush, turn to fermented foods, add a side dish of kimchi or cup of miso with meals.

Wine, white or red and bubbles.

Drink loads of water, or peppermint and ginger tea, And snack on alkaline rich fruits and vegetables.
When it comes to beating a hangover, hydration is key. But to keep your body cleansed, try and load your diet with celery, pumpkin, corn and carrots, and sip peppermint or ginger tea to soothe an unsettled stomach.

Hot chips and deep-fried snacks.

Eat raw vegetables, green juice, fresh fruit and whole grains.
To end that fried food binge, choose clean, plant-based meals: fresh fruit and green juice for breakfast and salads filled with raw veggies and whole grains for lunch and dinner.